Weekly Astrology Forecast August 16 – 22, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonOn August 20, the Sun opposes giant Jupiter, ramping up a desire for freedom, fun and adventure. We’re restless for new horizons, longing to see new sights. It seems like ‘go large or go home!’ and consequently, this aspect can become unwieldy. Confidence is high and we can push our luck a little too far. Arrogance too can be a problem with the Sun in proud Leo and Jupiter’s influence can see some climbing up on their high horse! It’s easy to judge and easy to overextend ourselves. Complicating matters is Mercury’s trine to Uranus as Uranus stations retrograde. So, we’re thinking of freedom, making sudden decisions, thinking of wild and crazy ideas. Yes, it’s a fun influence in many ways but the energy is very unpredictable. With Uranus stationing (and Jupiter in Uranus-ruled Aquarius), there’s an extra rebellious edge which could destabilise what we have built. Embracing new ideas, listening to different opinions, and learning something new are all ideal ways of using this influence rather than change for the sake of change. 

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This Week’s Major Aspects

16-Aug-21 Mercury square the Nodes. Venus enters Libra
A decision is required but there may be analysis paralysis. Ask your heart to judge.

17-Aug-21 No major aspects

18-Aug-21 No major aspects

19-Aug-21 Mercury conjunct Mars
The mind is a tool. Quick thinking. Sharp words.

20-Aug-21 Sun opposite Jupiter. Uranus stations retrograde. Mercury trine Uranus
Restless. Huge desire for new horizons. Reclaim unique aspects of self that have been suppressed. Change your thinking.

21-Aug-21 No major aspects

22-Aug-21 Venus trine North Node. Mars trine Uranus. Full Moon in Aquarius. Sun enters Virgo
Peace opens the way. Radical action. Acute desire for freedom. Work on self-improvement.

Painting – Yellow-Red-Blue by Wassily Kandinsky