Weekly Astrology Forecast August 30 – September 5, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – Sedna also stations retrograde on August 30. Sedna has been sitting on the last degree of Taurus, known as ‘the weeping sisters’ for the last six weeks or so and has corresponded with plenty of things to cry about in that period. Horrific flooding and fires and of course the terrible situation in Afghanistan have all occurred during this time. As Sedna stations, the energy intensifies – as we are seeing with Hurricane Ida just making landfall as I type. I find myself thinking of the eye of a great whale that has surfaced. It catches us with a glance and then sinks beneath the wave. Sedna has her eye on us and now we must travel with her to explore our deepest values and insecurities. Specifically, we’re called to attend to where victim-consciousness may be stopping us from focusing on what is most important. Sedna will be anaretic until October 24 and retrograde until February 9, 2022.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

30-Aug-21 Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. Mercury enters Libra.
Torn between thinking and doing. A need to regain mental balance and focus on practicalities. Diplomacy.

31-Aug-21 No major aspects

01-Sep-21 No major aspects

02-Sep-21 Mars opposite Neptune
Apathy. Motivation has gone AWOL. Uncertainty around goals. Flake. Ineffectual action.
Let intuition guide your mission. Creative inspiration. Imagination is stimulated.

03-Sep-21 Mercury trine North Node
The right words at the right time. Conversations open doors.

04-Sep-21 Grand Sextile
Constructive, creative energy at work. Opportunities to use natural talents. Hard work creates honey.

05-Sep-21 Mercury trine Saturn
Sensible conversation. Thinking about long term plans. Talking to those in authority. Careful presentation of ideas garners a respectful ear.

Painting – Bee families in the forest by Ivan Shishkin