Weekly Astrology Forecast September 13 – 19, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonThe Sun’s opposition to Neptune on September 14 has the potential to confound and confuse. As this aspect was widely present at the Virgo New Moon, this feeling may have been building for a while – an odd sense of incompleteness or vague, indefinable worry. Maybe we just feel a bit lost, tired, distracted. Maybe it’s just one of those moments when you find yourself staring in the mirror and wondering where did I go or what’s it all about. It’s easy to drop out too – escape into dreams, movies, drink. Sometimes it’s necessary to take some time just to reconnect but don’t lose sight of yourself in the process. Neptune also increases sensitivity to the collective. We may feel more attuned to the suffering of the world and yet helpless to do anything. It’s best to guard against attempts to save and instead turn attention to practical methods to help others help themselves. Any Neptune aligned practices could help ward off the worst of this transit. Think dance, art, photography, singing, music, meditation.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

13-Sep-21 First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
An emotional urge for adventure. Restlessness. Feeling tied to humdrum duties. A need to zoom out and see the big picture without losing sight of details.

14-Sep-21 Sun opposite Neptune
Lack of confidence. Uncertainty. Confused about one’s purpose. Unrealistic ideals. Easily swayed. Focus on what is meaningful. Make art.

15-Sep-21 Mars enters Libra
A desire for win-win solutions. Motivated to create allies and partners. Iron fist in a velvet glove. We are stronger together.

16-Sep-21 No major aspects

17-Sep-21 Venus square Saturn. Sun trine Pluto
A perceived lack of love or money. Feeling undeserving. A feeling of purpose intensifies. Gaining conscious awareness of shadows. Step into your power.

18-Sep-21 No major aspects

19-Sep-21 No major aspects

Painting – ‘Vernon Church in Fog’ by Claude Monet