Mars Transiting Libra 2021

Mars enters Libra at 01:13, September 15, 2021. Mars is considered to be ‘in detriment’ in this sign as Libra opposes Aries, the sign that Mars rules. The word detriment can bring up certain associations, like thinking that whatever Mars does here has a ‘detrimental’ effect but that is not the case. Just as with any placement, there are always positive and productive ways to use the energy but it does means Mars has to work a little harder.

I have a lot of Aries in my chart and I was thinking that a good human example of this transit might be, being asked to do a project with a colleague at work. If you’re like me and always prefer to work alone, then this kind of situation can a challenge, especially if it’s someone with whom you butt heads from time to time or they have a knack of saying things that press your buttons! But all that has got to be put to one side because now you have to find a way to work together to get the project done. This process of learning give and take, letting the other person take the lead sometimes and so on, forces us to learn important lessons. And so it is with Mars in Libra.

Mars is our drive, will, energy, motivation and passion. In partnership-orientated Libra, this transit can certainly enliven relationships. There’s plenty of spice here but of course the heat can sometimes build so much that sparks begin to fly. In a healthy, happy relationship, this aspect might simply motivate you and a partner to start working on a goal together – or maybe you have more ‘quality time’ together so to speak! But in a relationship where there has been contention or a sense of something brewing, Mars can stimulate the area so much that confrontations occur. Most likely, it’s because it’s necessary to blow off steam and clear the air, but it’s important to bear in mind that we could be inclined to be more pointed, pushy or angry than we intended, not least because we will also have a Mercury retrograde in Libra whilst Mars transits here.

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Mars in Libra 2021 Major Aspects

15-Sep-21 Mars enters Libra

21-Sep-21 Mars trine North Node

25-Sep-21 Mars trine Saturn

01-Oct-21 Mars opposite Chiron

03-Oct-21 Mars trine Ceres

08-Oct-21 Sun conjunct Mars

09-Oct-21 Mercury conjunct Mars

16-Oct-21 Mars sextile Juno

19-Oct-21 Mars trine Jupiter

21-Oct-21 Mars opposite Eris

22-Oct-21 Mars square  Pluto

30-Oct-21 Mars enters Scorpio