Weekly Astrology Forecast October 18 – 24, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonOn October 23, the Sun enters Scorpio which is an interesting dynamic given that the modern and traditional rulers (Pluto and Mars) are still thrashing it out in a square with one another. Still, as we enter Scorpio season, the Sun puts our focus on unconscious motivation and material. Scorpio season brings deep reflection and intense self-analysis. As the days grow shorter in the Northern hemisphere and leaves fall, our thoughts turn inwards as we quietly witness death and decay in the natural world around us. It’s important that we confront our fears and explore deeper motivations, psychological complexes and painful truths. The more light we can shine on our inner shadows, the greater our capacity for intimate and honest relationships which is Scorpio’s greatest desire.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

18-Oct-21 Jupiter stations direct. Mercury stations direct
The big picture comes into view as a period of inner development comes to an end. Important decisions and discussions. A turnaround in events.

19-Oct-21 Mars trine Jupiter
Energy boost. Huge desire. Restlessness. Channel your energy into developing healthy connections and/or endeavours that benefit groups. Feeling motivated about future goals.

20-Oct-21 Full Moon in Aries
Issues around independence, courage, rights, anger. Impulsive decisions or actions. Feeling triggered. Invoke the serenity prayer.

21-Oct-21 Mars opposite Eris
Discord. Shooting the messenger! Inciting conflict. Pause for breath before reacting.

22-Oct-21 Mars square Pluto
Warlike energy. Fighting for control or power. Take action on what can be changed. Pick battles wisely.

23-Oct-21 Sun enters Scorpio
Spooky season! A light in the dark. Awareness of the importance of death, endings, closure. Being willing to change. Time to release that which no longer serves.

24-Oct-21 No major aspects