Full Moon in Aries October 2021

Edited excerpt from Patreon transcript – The Full Moon occurs at 15:56 (BST) on October 20, 2021 at 27ARI26. The Moon is conjunct Eris, opposite Mars and square Pluto.

“I didn’t start it!”

When kids have fights, they shout, “I didn’t start it. It wasn’t me, it was them!” There’s a little of that going on in this chart! Maybe it’s tapping into our inner child at times, after all, the Moon can also represent the inner child and Aries can represent youthfulness too. Maybe we’re dealing with things that are coming at us, unbidden, unasked for. But we’re also blessed with feisty, animated, energetic, brave, courageous energy at the same time. If we can channel that, then we can make powerful changes in our lives (Pluto). We can regenerate. We can get back up if we feel like we’ve been knocked down. Because often we don’t know how strong we are. We don’t know what we can cope with. We don’t know the sheer force that we have within us. I think this lunation is going to put us in charge of that – or put us back in charge.

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