Weekly Astrology Forecast November 1 – 7, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonNovember 5 sees Venus enter Capricorn, where relationships take a serious turn. After frolicking through Sagittarius, Venus is now ready to put the work into partnerships. This transit asks us to commit to what is our hearts. In all matters pertaining to romance, relationships, pleasure, love and money, our attitude becomes more mature. It’s time to set boundaries and time limits to get the best out of any situation. Venus in Capricorn is a transit that asks us to define what we want to invest in for the long term.  Money and love don’t necessarily come easily under this influence but making an effort now pays off later down the line.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

01-Nov-21 Mercury trine Jupiter
Big ideas. A desire to learn. Talking over ideas with friends and partners. A blessing for meetings of all kinds.

02-Nov-21 Mercury square Pluto
Mental wrestling. Subtext. Obsessing. Mistrust. Wanting the truth but then not accepting the truth. Detective work. Shadow work.

03-Nov-21 No major aspects

04-Nov-21 New Moon in Scorpio. Sun opposite Uranus
A new beginning dawns from an ending. A desire for control meets dealing with unpredictable people and events. Awakening to one’s deepest desires.

05-Nov-21 Venus enters Capricorn. Mercury enters Scorpio
The heart is drawn towards long-term investment and commitment. Relationship doubts. Reticence in expressing affection or interest unless there is an element of certainty. The mind runs to dark places but finds power in thinking the unthinkable. The possibility of strong, intuitive perception and heightened insight. Talking about taboos.

06-Nov-21 Mercury sextile Venus
Let’s try that conversation from yesterday again. Reaching an understanding. Finding agreement.

07-Nov-21 No major aspects

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