New Moon in Scorpio November 2021

The New Moon occurs at 21:14 (UT) on November 4, 2021 at 12SCO40. The Moon is directly opposite Uranus, square Saturn and there is a wide trine to Neptune.

The Scorpio New Moon invites us to dive deep into our feelings, explore the Underworld, get beneath the surface of life. There is intensity at this lunation, emotions bubbling up from deep within the self, sometimes uncomfortable. There may be a desire to resist, pull away from the undertow, kick our legs and swim for the shore. But Scorpio knows that there is buried treasure hidden inside. Sometimes we have to let go of trying to control it all and allow life to flow.

The Uranian influence is strong. It’s a powerful awakening that strives to break us free from our fears. There is also however, an inkling to rebel. Scorpio can make everything seem like do or die, all or nothing! Saturn however, even in a tense aspect, can help to give shape and form to the future we hope to create. Allow for grey areas. Leave a little to the imagination. Sometimes a mystery is required to get our attention. This is an excellent time for shadow work or therapy, working on grief and release. Let go of shame and secrets that keep you hidden. Within you is a spark of divinity.

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Sometimes one door must close for another to open. Scorpio in the Northern hemisphere is a time of death and decay. We are in the midst of Samhain season with the traditional festival date just gone and the solar festival soon to come on November 7. It’s natural for some old ghosts to appear but don’t let them haunt you. Exorcise that which is toxic and undermining your power. Thank the souls of those in the past who gave you precious memories and important experiences. These are times of Big Dreams. If you experience nightmares, write them down and work with them. Sometimes dreams SHOUT to get your attention. Take time to sit with your feelings, even if they are scary at first. You’re in control of you and that’s what matters.

The Sabian symbol of this lunation is ‘An Inventor Performs A Laboratory Experiment’. Sometimes, a little detachment goes a long way towards dealing with fears and anxiety. There’s no need to put extra pressure on yourself. Life is hard enough! Try things out. See what works. If an experiment fails, pick yourself up and start again. Forgive yourself for any mistakes. This lunation offers the strength, insight and fortitude to transform your life. The seed is set. Step into your power.

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Painting – The Evening Star by Camille Corot