Weekly Astrology Forecast November 8 – 14, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonNovember 12 is starred as the best day of the week with a gentle trine between the Sun in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This brings a more forgiving atmosphere with a twinkle of magic. This is a time to lean into our spirituality, remember that we are part of the cosmos and all connected. Neptune encourages us to trust the universe, sometimes difficult when we are in Scorpio season as Scorpio likes to have the control. Sometimes though, we need to just go with the flow, see what life brings, listen to the whispers of our spiritual allies and our own unconscious. As the Sun is a potent creative force and Neptune is a planet connected to the imagination, this is an ideal time to tap into our inner artist. This is not however, just for painting pictures or writing novels – although those kinds of endeavours are helped by this planetary alignment. The inner artist is also the one painting the picture of our lives, endlessly creating new circumstances and events to experience. With Neptune’s influence, we can dream a bigger dream, relax our boundaries a little, transcend fears and limitations. It’s an ideal time to contemplate our place in the universe, practice our faith, consider what we find meaningful in our lives.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

08-Nov-21 Pallas stations direct
Finally, the pieces fall into place, the pattern is revealed. A new strategy for an old problem.

09-Nov-21 No major aspects

10-Nov-21 Mercury conjunct Mars. Mercury square Saturn. Mars square Saturn
Listen to me! Listen to me! Listen to me! Conversations heat up. Assertive voices. Protest. Argument. Shut out. The mind is a tool – or a weapon. Mental blocks. Hitting a brick wall. Slow progress is still progress. Building muscle. Sustaining momentum.

11-Nov-21 First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
A breath of fresh air but still rumbles underneath. A need to distance without detaching.

12-Nov-21 Sun trine Neptune
A little peace makes the world a brighter place. Forgiveness. Yielding to the flow of the universe. Brilliant imagination. Endless creativity. Transcendence.

13-Nov-21 Mercury opposite Uranus
Stop-start-stop. Click on, click off. Electrical faults. Nerves. Or, brilliant flashes of insight and conversations that jar us awake.

14-Nov-21 Juno enters Capricorn
An emphasis on commitment in relationships and long-term investment (echo Venus). A desire for stability and clear goals. Fairness in professional matters.