Weekly Astrology Forecast November 15 – 21, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – November 19 is the most important date of the week as we begin eclipse season with a lunar eclipse in Taurus. This is the first of the Taurus eclipses and the longest partial lunar eclipse of its type for over a thousand years. It feels as though the universe would like to make an impression on us, playing everything in slow motion to ensure we have time to absorb the important messages that the eclipse brings. Jupiter squaring this eclipse tells us that the tension is connected to our desire to move forward as a society, to advance, to use the opportunity for progress. But for that to happen, we are going to have to change the way we use our resources. The eclipse is likely to reveal to us where we have exhausted some of our resources as well as show us resources we never considered valuable until now.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

15-Nov-21 Venus square Chiron. Sun square Jupiter
Heartbreak/heartache. Nothing is enough. Big hopes but feeling vulnerable around relationship issues. Also, the possibility of healing around matters of the heart. Feeling out of pocket. Money worries. The grass is always greener over there. Explore issues connected to self-worth and self-belief.

16-Nov-21 Vesta enters Sagittarius. Sun sextile Pluto
Focus on faith. Knowledge is sacred. Know thyself. Devotion to the truth. An opportunity to change or take control. Increased self-awareness and intensification around sense of purpose.

17-Nov-21 Mars opposite Uranus. Venus enters the shadow zone
Sudden conflicts. Flash in the pan. Impulse reactions lead to unexpected results. Recklessness. Slow down! Rushing won’t mean we avoid having to return to this stage again.

18-Nov-21 Mercury trine Neptune
Imagination. Communication with the invisible world. The unconscious speaks through dreams, poetry and music. Gentle enquiry. Practice meditation, prayer or guided visualisation.

19-Nov-21 Venus trine Uranus. Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
The heart opens to new and different experiences. Realisation around what is required for security and stability. New insight into what is truly worthy and valuable.

20-Nov-21 Mercury square Jupiter
Mouth running loose. Too much talk, not enough action. Paperwork or digital overwhelm. Too much information. Winging it.

21-Nov-21 Mercury sextile Pluto
Profound insight. An opportunity to change your thinking. Willpower. Mind over matter.