Weekly Astrology Forecast – November 29 – December 5, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonWe begin the week with Mercury’s superior conjunction to the Sun on November 29. This aspect marks the moment that Mercury transitions from morning star to evening star. For a few weeks, Mercury will be lost in the beams of the Sun, unobservable from planet Earth. Mercury will also be at apogee, farthest away from Earth. Whilst it’s possible that we may experience mental illumination around this time, brilliant ideas or a sense of cosmic knowing, it’s also possible that we may find that information difficult to ground into reality, perhaps until Mercury is visible again. The shadow is that we can become too attached to our opinions and ideas, identifying so closely with them that the ‘I’ is not separate from thought. This is perhaps more of an issue this time around as Mercury is in Sagittarius, the sign of its detriment. Mercury can find it difficult to express itself through Sagittarius and the mind can become scattered. Although a truth seeker by nature, Sagittarius can also become dogmatic, zealous, preachy. Positively, because Mercury must strive a little harder in Sagittarius, the result can produce people with a highly educated mind, capable of grasping far-reaching concepts. So for us, during this time, we too would do well to keep our minds open and willing to learn.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

29-Nov-21 Sun conjunct Mercury. Mars trine Neptune
Reaching as far as we can go with an idea. New illumination. A creative idea springs from higher consciousness. Heart and mind united. Acting on an intuitive hunch.

30-Nov-21 Mercury trine Chiron and sextile Saturn. Sun trine Chiron and sextile Saturn. Venus sextile Neptune
First steps in a constructive dialogue. Being willing to show vulnerability and maturity. An opportunity for authenticity. Unconditional love and acceptance.

01-Dec-21 Neptune stations direct
Momentary disorientation as the tide turns. With unrealistic ideas released, it’s time to dream new dreams.

02-Dec-21 No major aspects

03-Dec-21 No major aspects

04-Dec-21 Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
An important new start connected to broadening horizons. Revelations around faith and belief. A new vision of the future.

05-Dec-21 No major aspects