Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius December 2021

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon occurs at 07:43 (UT) on December 4, 2021 at 12°Sg22′ .

What a wild 24 hours I have just had. My washing machine smashed its way through its cycle, the drum threatening to burst through the side of the machine, setting my nerves jangling. Then, my freezer died with a sad little ticking sound over the space of a few hours – a deceased compressor. I frantically mopped up water, took food I wouldn’t be able to use to my neighbour, cooked up a ton of thawing veg to make a soup, located a plumber and a man with van to remove my washing machine in the new year. Arranged for a new freezer to be delivered today/tomorrow and mourned my bank balance!

Currently Venus in shadow is joining Pluto. Both are in my 6th house currently which relates not only to health but the service industry and service appliances! My progressed Moon is just making a conjunction to transiting Pluto. Neptune was just stationing direct opposite my natal 2nd house Pluto. Transiting Pluto is just about to make a final square to my natal Mercury – ruler of my 2nd house of money – yes, thanks Pluto *laughs*. Oh and my lovely friend who I am about to spend Christmas with has just broken their wrist – they will be okay but seriously!

So yes, the cosmos is sending some eclipse-y, shadowy vibes my way. I was a little stressed yesterday but better today – especially when my postman delivered an anonymous gift of a beautiful tarot deck. A little sweetness to balance the sour. It all works out in the end and that might well be the theme of this eclipse in many ways. Sagittarius is ever hopeful.

Due to all the above, I haven’t written a post for the eclipse so I’ve made my Patreon post public. I recorded a 40mins astro-tarot reading for the collective. It includes a transcript too. If you would like to listen/read, please follow the link below. And do check out the benefits of becoming a member whilst you are there 🙂

New Moon/eclipse blessings to you all.