Weekly Astrology Forecast December 6 – 12, 2021

Excerpt from PatreonVenus meets Pluto on the same date [December 11]– an important marker as Venus will station retrograde soon so this is the first of three meetings scheduled between the Love Goddess and the Lord of the Underworld. This is the beginning of an extended story. We’re digging deep and sometimes coming up with stuff that isn’t pleasant. This is the place where jealousy and envy can worm its way in, eating away at love. The problem with Venus conjunct Pluto is that whatever we are attracted to at this time consumes us if we let it. Yet, there is also great potential for us to gain access to powerful truths. We are asked to strip away everything that is getting in the way of what we value; eliminate toxic relationships; say farewell to power games. And if we’ve fallen into that poisonous patriarchal (Capricorn) idea of how we ‘should’ be to be loveable or wealthy, then those old paradigms can be exorcised too.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

06-Dec-21 Mars sextile Pluto
Strength and might. Action to change circumstances. Forming transformative goals. The courage to face fears.

07-Dec-21 Mercury square Neptune
Muddled communications. Forgetfulness. Escapist daydreaming. Highly imaginative. Read poetry. Meditate. Listen to music.

08-Dec-21 Mars square Jupiter
Big, unwieldy goals. Over-stated action. Taking on too much. Resist the urge to say yes to everything.

09-Dec-21 No major aspects

10-Dec-21 No major aspects

11-Dec-21 First Quarter Moon in Pisces. Venus conjunct Pluto. Mercury sextile Jupiter
Feeling torn between adventure and peace and quiet. Religion versus spirituality. Crack open the books. Sign up for a class. Read spiritual texts. The mind is open to new ideas.

12-Dec-21 Sun square Neptune
Feeling invisible, weak or tired. Uncertainty. Unsure of yourself. Unfocused. Make it a pyjama day. Watch movies. Consider your spiritual path. Practice self-compassion.