Weekly Astrology Forecast December 20 – 26, 2021

Excerpt from Patreonit’s notable that Jupiter on the anaretic degree of Aquarius accompanies the last Saturn-Uranus square which perfects on December 24. Certainly it seems that in the mundane world, this aspect has made itself known once again as restrictions tighten across Europe as omicron blasts through each country. There is SO much Aquarius energy in the atmosphere, remembering that Saturn and Uranus are the old and new rulers of Aquarius respectively and Saturn is currently travelling through this sign too. So yes, the atmosphere is electrically charged. We can practically feel the static. It’s bolt from the blue energy and Saturn is the lightning rod, conducting the energy down, grounding it. We need to hold steady, show patience and fortitude in these unstable times. Everything is changing but the change takes time. We are building a new society, a new future, a new technology but nothing can be rushed with Saturn involved.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

20-Dec-21 Sun sextile Jupiter Mercury trine Uranus
Travel. An urge to make life bigger and better. Also, a moment for laughter and fun. Get togethers. Watch a comedy. Crack a joke. Explore different beliefs and perspectives.

21-Dec-21 Sun enters Capricorn
Solstice. Celebrate the light. A need to take ourselves seriously and consider long term plans. Honour the elders.

22-Dec-21 No major aspects

23-Dec-21 Jupiter anaretic in Aquarius
An acute desire for societal progress. Big political stories. A massive push for freedom and liberation. Technological advancement.

24-Dec-21 Saturn square Uranus
Freedom versus restriction. Rules versus rebellion. Modernisation versus tradition. Old versus new. A need to make space for innovation and change without throwing away all that has gone before.

25-Dec-21 Mars trine Chiron. Venus conjunct Pluto
Active healing. Stitching up old wounds. Passion (potentially jealousy). Exposing the heart to transform relationships. The power of love.

26-Dec-21 Mercury sextile Neptune
Gentle conversations. Linking hands. The mind drawn to spiritual and creative pursuits. Meditation.

Painting – ‘The Christmas Tree’ by Albert Chevallier Tayler