Weekly Astrology Forecast – December 27 – January 2, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonDecember 29 is a big day as Jupiter finally lands back into Pisces after taking a long break in Aquarius. I wrote an article about Jupiter in Pisces here  along with horoscopes for the signs so that you can see how this transit will affect your own chart. We first began this transit back in May 2021 where we had a two-month preview of things to come. Now Jupiter will skip through Pisces in four months, run right into Aries then turn tail and return to Pisces in October 2022 to finally complete the full dive. Jupiter will leave Pisces properly in December 2022.  The vague washing backwards and forwards seems to resonate with the transit and makes me think it’s like we’re learning to swim. Last year, we had our toes in the water, then managed to splash around for a while. Now we’re snorkelling, eyes filled with wonder with what lies beneath. In late 2022, the deep dive will take us down to the ocean floor for the greatest of the gifts. When I wrote about Jupiter in Pisces, I had no idea that the James Webb telescope was going to be launched around this time, but I did talk about how this transit may speak of space exploration. This is an expedition into hidden realms, invisible worlds, magnification of the highest degree. Our imagination is in overdrive but could also provide us with collective solutions born from dreams, visions and meditations. Prepare for big dreams, increased hope, a search for meaning, great stories birthed in books and films, more charitability, greater kindness. Shadow expressions include rising oceans and floods, greater complacency, escapism, disillusion, monstrous enemies. Imagine a world, where the possibilities are endless and that will give you a taste of things to come.

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This Week in Astrology

27-Dec-21 Last Quarter Moon in Libra
Tension between professional and personal responsibilities. The need for maturity in relationships. Keep your balance and maintain composure.

28-Dec-21 No major aspects

29-Dec-21 Jupiter enters Pisces. Mercury conjunct Venus. Sun square Chiron
Huge waves – floods or feelings. A search for meaning begins. An opportunity for greater togetherness. Conversations from the heart. Repairing damage and building bridges.

30-Dec-21 Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Pluto
Constructive goal setting and planning. Intense focus. Taking command. Mental strength.

31-Dec-21 No major aspects

01-Jan-22 Sun trine Uranus.
A new you. An inner awakening to new possibilities. A desire for new experiences.

02-Jan-22 Mercury enters Aquarius. New Moon in Capricorn
Mental brilliance and ingenuity. Thinking differently. Asking different questions. The first step towards building a new world. Setting intentions for what is to be accomplished this year.