Weekly Astrology Forecast January 17 – 23, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonOn January 18, the North Node will move into Taurus and the South Node into Scorpio. Where the Nodes move, we’re made aware of a karmic lesson. The North Node points to what we need to develop, the South Node shows what we need to release. We can however take the best traits of the South Node position and put that to the service of the North Node mission so it’s important we don’t just think of the South Node as ‘bad’ and the North Node as ‘good’. The North Node moving into Taurus will put a lot of our collective focus on the issue of our resources, money, security for the next 18 months whilst the South Node will press us to address shadows, get rid of controlling and manipulative behaviours, clear up our toxic planet. We’ve got to get rid of our collective demons to ensure our survival. Practicality and simplicity is the antidote to Scorpio’s stinging sh*t stirring! Here comes a collective decluttering so that we can learn to appreciate what we have.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

17-Jan-22 Full Moon in Cancer
Heightened emotional states. Issues around home and family come to light. Feeling under pressure to belong.

18-Jan-22 Mercury sextile Chiron, Uranus stations direct, North Node enters Taurus, South Node enters Scorpio
Healing through the power of thought. Forward momentum with changes that will free up resources. A spiritual push to focus on appreciation for what we have and to move away from wastefulness.

19-Jan-22 Sun trine North Node
A green light signals go. A growing sense of purpose and resolution.

20-Jan-22 Sun enters Aquarius
A change is in the air. Discovering new aspects of self. Being willing to try a different path or new interest.

21-Jan-22 No major aspects

22-Jan-22 No major aspects

23-Jan-22 Sun conjunct Mercury
The midpoint of the Mercury retrograde. Mind is illuminated. Revelation and understanding. An inkling of what lies ahead.

Painting – Moonrise in Feodosia by Ivan Aivazovsky