Full Moon in Cancer January 2022

Extract from Patreon recording [edited] – The Full Moon occurs at 23:48 (UT) on January 17, 2022, at 27°Cn50’… The Moon is in her home sign of Cancer where she works strongly. The Full Moon in Cancer tends to be quite an emotional lunation with feelings unleashed – an emotional high tide.

As the Moon is in Cancer, we are looking at issues connected with the themes of this sign – unconscious material, or emotional material that is related to home and family, roots, history, childhood and sense of belonging. This is the 4th house, which speaks of our personal foundations and where we’ve come from. In a global chart, it can also speak of the country that we live in, the land that we live on. It can speak of our ancestors both personally and collectively. Pluto catches my eye as I think the word ‘ancestors’. I see him, the ruler of the Underworld, the ruler of Hades, lit up by the Sun. It’s almost like Pluto is standing at the gates of Hades with a huge torch and we can see all our ancestors lined up behind him.

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And maybe that’s the point, that we’ve got to look into the face of our history. We’ve really got to look to the past. We’re already being told this with Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde. I think there is something here about the need to look back, the need to understand how we feel about our history. What happened there? Do we feel that we belong? Do we feel that we’re really here? Do we feel that we’re supported or supporting ourselves? Our fears (Pluto) are illuminated (Sun). Whatever we become aware of presses upon us. Something either needs to be changed or eliminated. We need to acknowledge the fears that are underneath everything, so that we can feel more comfortable, more at home with who we are and where we are.

The Moon in Cancer can feel tender. This is a sign associated with mothering, the Mother-Child connection, the mother with the vulnerable baby. And so sometimes the shadow of Cancer can be babyish, regressive, childish behaviour. It’s very often because some part of ourselves has been left behind or left aside; it hasn’t been parented in the right way. So, we need to go back and look after that part of ourselves. It doesn’t mean pandering to it, it just means taking care of it, parenting it, nurturing it. Knowing how to support ourselves in the face of fear or change is fundamental.

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Painting – Studies of crabs by Leonardo da Vinci