Weekly Astrology Forecast January 24 – 30, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonThere’s more Capricorn energy coming in as Mercury retrograde returns to Capricorn on January 26 for some extra review time in this area. The first part of the retrograde asked us to consider our social connection and hopes for the future (Aquarius). Now we’re pressed to explore the structures we have in place in our lives along with accomplishments and ambitions. For some the focus may be on professional matters, for others it’s the responsibilities of life such as parenting. This can be a mentally heavy influence and the mind tends to work slower now. But this is necessary because this process cannot be rushed. The more considered, realistic and sensible we are in our approach, the better our chances of creating good foundations for the future. A few hours after re-entering Capricorn, Mercury will then form a trine to the North Node which should hopefully give us a hint of where we are on the right track.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

24-Jan-22 Mars enters Capricorn
Sustained energy. Focus on long term goals. Regimented work. Building muscle. Heavy but satisfying workout.

25-Jan-22 Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Emotional intensity versus cool detachment. Past versus future. An emotional transformation opens the way for new experiences.

26-Jan-22 Mercury retrograde re-enters Capricorn and trine North Node
Rethinking systems and structures opens the way ahead. Serious conversation brings helpful connections.

27-Jan-22 No major aspects

28-Jan-22 No major aspects

29-Jan-22 Venus stations direct. Mercury conjunct Pluto. Sun sextile Chiron
A change of direction in relationships. Realising what is important. Speaking words of power. Intense focus on truth. Embracing the inner maverick.

30-Jan-22 Sun square Uranus
Restlessness. Anxiety. A need to be open to life’s twists and turns. Detours and surprises. Life is unpredictable.

Painting – Venus Anadyomene by Arnold Böcklin