Weekly Astrology Forecast January 31 – February 6, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – On February 4, we have the yearly conjunction between the Sun and Saturn. We grow up, we mature, we see the struggle and accept the work. The Sun conjunct Saturn is an aspect that illuminates the wisdom gained from experience. Life is hard sometimes, there’s no doubt about that! But during those hard times, we learn about our limits, develop better management skills, learn important lessons that will help us in the future. This aspect is also on the degree of astrological Imbolc. Now halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox, this is a check point on the wheel of the year. It’s time to acknowledge the growing light – even if it’s hidden behind Saturn’s cloud! At this time of year in the Northern hemisphere, we see the first signs of spring – snowdrops, lambs, daffodil shoots. It’s time to clean up and clear out, make ready for the abundance that nature will offer in the coming months.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

31-Jan-22 Mercury sextile Pallas. Ceres conjunct North Node
Putting our heads together to come up with solutions. Nurturing resources. Caring for Mother Earth

01-Feb-22 New Moon in Aquarius.
A new start on a new road. Containing excitement. Giving shape and form to future hopes and dreams.

02-Feb-22 No major aspects

03-Feb-22 No major aspects

04-Feb-22 Mercury stations direct. Mars sextile Jupiter. Sun conjunct Saturn.
Realisation of what has been holding us back. Taking responsibility. Maturity. An energetic boost. A desire for bigger goals. Thrilled at the thought of new horizons.

05-Feb-22 Pluto sextile Pallas
Potent problem solving. Perceptive analysis. Empowerment through application of intuitive understanding.

06-Feb-22 Mars square Chiron
Frustration. A knock to the confidence – or realising triggers and over-sensitivity. Re-working ‘failure’ into a strength building exercise. Proactive healing. Locate your cheerleaders.

Painting – Blanzifiore (Snowdrops) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti