Full Moon in Leo February 2022

Excerpt from Patreon transcript (edited) – The Full Moon occurs at 16:56 (UT) on February 16, 2022 at 27°Le59′.

When we have a Full Moon, it brings to a head or brings to our attention, the qualities and the stories of the sign that is involved. Leo energy is about playfulness, creativity, matters of the heart. It’s a sign that we often associate with dating. The global 5th house is also children, and entertainment, theatres, pastimes, hobbies – all the things that we do for fun. It’s our inner child, our confidence and our pride.

This is an excellent time to think about what your inner child might need. Where do you need to be more playful in life? Where do you need to  loosen up a bit, especially with all this fixed energy in the chart?! Where do you need to be more confident to be yourself? Where do you need to have more attention? Or what do you need to give more attention to? How comfortable are you with having attention? Do you feel that you’re getting enough attention? Are you trying to draw attention to yourself in unhealthy ways? With the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius, we may find there is tension between head and heart. We may be tempted to curb our natural self-expression to please others, to gain applause from the ‘audience’.

We also have a rather uncomfortable quincunx from the Moon to Pluto which activates deep material from the psyche. But with Leo being such a playful, happy sign, sometimes we don’t want to know about the deeper stuff. Still, it’s important that we don’t ignore what comes up or let fear get the better of us because we need to stay in our hearts, especially with all that is going on out there in the world. With the Moon and Sun also squaring the nodal axis, we’re now at a turning point in our evolution. Face your fears. Keep shining your light.

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Painting – Dancer on Stage with a Bouquet by Edgar Degas