Weekly Astrology Forecast February 21 – 27, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonFebruary 24 is the best day of the week with Venus now forming a sextile to Neptune along with Mercury’s sextile to Chiron. Venus-Neptune aspects speak of the potential for unconditional love. Venus is Goddess of love, aesthetics, earthly harmony whilst Neptune is the harmony of the cosmos, angels singing, the collective unconscious and ethereal realms. When we drop into our hearts, these invisible worlds become more real, more tangible. We feel it, even if we can’t see it. Those who are creatively minded might like to get out paints and pens and tap into this beautiful energy for inspiration. With Mercury’s connection to Chiron, we may be more willing now to speak about what hurts, to have healing conversations, to look for ways to bring together ideas that seem disjointed at first glance. This is also an aspect that speaks of improving our mental health. These are hard times we are living through so any opportunity to learn techniques that help us personally is a wonderful way to also heal the collective.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

21-Feb-22 No major aspects

22-Feb-22 Mercury conjunct Juno
Clarity regarding what is expected of us. A decision to commit.

23-Feb-22 Mars sextile Neptune. Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
A nudge to act on our intuition. Strength through imagination. Defending those who cannot defend themselves. Hungry for inspiration. A need to turn within.

24-Feb-22 Mercury sextile Chiron. Venus sextile Neptune
Healing conversation. Piecing together an idea. Seeing connection where none was seen before. Practising unconditional love and compassion. Creative imagination.

25-Feb-22 Mercury square Uranus
Anxiety. Nerves. Mind scattered. A need to ground oneself. A bolt from the blue. Sudden knowing.

26-Feb-22 Venus, Mars and Vesta square Eris
Interference. The unwelcome guest. Truth that demands attention. Disharmony that forces us to find out way back to harmony.

27-Feb-22 Venus conjunct Vesta
Quiet the heart. A still flame. Focus on what is important.

Painting – Vase with Flowers and Butterflies by Odilon Redon