Weekly Astrology Forecast February 28 – March 6, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonOn March 5, the Sun forms its yearly conjunction to Jupiter. In Pisces, this is a billowing sail blowing us across a vast ocean, a huge swell of feeling. Jupiter lifts us up, up, up and away. Generally, this is thought of as a ‘lucky’ day as Jupiter is the bringer of joy. Sometimes that can be the case if we are willing to broaden our horizons and hold out our hands for life to gift us what it can. But there can also be a tendency to go too far, to get swept up so high that we lose sight of ourselves. Jupiter conjunct the Sun can also speak of big egos, huge personalities. There may also be big events that capture the world’s imagination with Pisces involved. Some anchoring is necessary to make the best of this aspect.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

28-Feb-22 Mars trine North Node
Karma activated. Fast opening of evolutionary doors. Clarity around our mission.

01-Mar-22 Venus trine North Node
Love opens the way. Long term relationships facilitate soul growth.

02-Mar-22 Sun sextile Uranus. Mercury conjunct Saturn. New Moon in Pisces
A willingness to change invites new experiences. Think it over. A new vision awaits manifestation.

03-Mar-22 Mars conjunct Pluto.  Venus conjunct Pluto
Intensity. Volcanic action. Quick endings. Destructive relationships. Or the power of love/diplomacy/harmony regenerates.

04-Mar-22 No major aspects

05-Mar-22 Sun conjunct Jupiter
Stretch yourself. Broadening horizons. An impulse to expand. Large personalities. Big events on the world stage that capture public imagination.

06-Mar-22 Mars enters Aquarius. Venus enters Aquarius. Venus conjunct Mars. Mercury square the Nodes
Fighting for freedom. Fights between friends. Future goals and future alliances. Leading groups. Stimulating progress. Love thy neighbour. Political diplomacy. The union of opposites for the sake of humanity. An agreement or conversation is needed to break a deadlock.

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