Weekly Astrology Forecast March 7 – 13, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonAccompanying Hygeia’s station retrograde is the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune. It’s possible that the combination of these aspects could leave us feeling a little vulnerable. Neptune dissolves boundaries and barriers and it can feel like we are losing our sense of identity. On the plus side, the Sun conjunct Neptune can be a wonderful time to give back or pay it forward. Whether it’s a donation of time or money to a worthy cause or a helping hand for a community project, common bonds bring a sense of connection. We could also find themes of artistic expression or spiritual practice emerging as we float on the collective pool of the unconscious. If life has lost its meaning for us, this may be more evident under this influence, but it provides the perfect planetary ingredients to find a life recipe that works, giving us spiritual sustenance in times where it is undoubtedly much needed.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

07-Mar-22 No major aspects

08-Mar-22 No major aspects

09-Mar-22 No major aspects

10-Mar-22 Mercury enters Pisces. First Quarter Moon in Gemini. Vesta enters Aquarius
Gentle communication. Empathic conversations. Muddled mind. Let intuition decide. Freedom and diversity are sacred.

11-Mar-22 No major aspects

12-Mar-22 No major aspects

13-Mar-22 Hygeia stations retrograde. Sun conjunct Neptune
Going deep within to root out toxic unconscious motivation. Restoration. Feeling vulnerable and open to psychic impressions. The spotlight is on peace, unity, togetherness.

Painting – Fog over water by Isaac Levitan