Saturn conjunct Pluto Revisited – War, Deconstruction and Crisis

Pluto is Lord of the Underworld, Hades, ruler of death, closure, endings, rebirth, regeneration taxes, sex, war, corruption, power, violence, abuse, crime, the collective shadow, the occult, wealth. Pluto roots out that which is rotten, old, outworn. Pluto strips us bare, reveals the truth. Pluto shows us where our true power lies. As a transpersonal planet, its effects are collective and generational but Pluto’s movements can feel deeply personal. Under his intense pressure, we are crushed, reshaped, reformed, made even more precious just as carbon turns to diamond. Pluto is both Devil and Saviour. Pluto rules Scorpio.

Saturn is Lord of Karma, Grandfather Time, ruler of boundaries and borders, institutions, castles, rocks, reality, authority. Saturn is the rules, the regulations, the clock punched at the end of a workday, accomplishment, the mountaineer reaching the pinnacle. Saturn is master (and mistress), capable, a manager, a boss, a teacher, a wise elder. Saturn is also restriction, difficulty, trial, troubles, doubt. Saturn too can be associated with ‘the Devil’. But through Saturn’s trials, we learn to push through our limitations and learn our true limits. Saturn helps us make a mark on the world, play our part in society. Saturn oversees those things that stand the test of time. Saturn rules Capricorn.

There are moments when the tectonic plates of history shift beneath our feet and Europe is violently remade. So begins an article on the BBC website.

Whatever goes on in my life and in the world, the first thing I do is turn to astrology – and I mean for everything. When my relationship broke down, I looked at my chart. When my Mother died, I looked at my chart. When my friend died, I looked at my chart. It’s the first thing I do, my light in the dark, my port in a storm. Astrology is the art of seeing correlation between the movements in the heavens and events on Earth. Astrology lifts up our awareness, zooms us up and out so we have a bird’s eye view from the stars – or perhaps we could say, a God’s eye view. When we start to trace the patterns of the planets alongside the events here on planet Earth, we see clear cycles and patterns. Whether it is in our own personal lives, or in the practice of mundane astrology (the astrology of world events), this ancient art makes us aware of these natural cycles. It reminds us that we are part of something bigger, an ever-unfolding pattern, constantly evolving.

Along with astrology, I read tarot and have kept a comprehensive dream diary for 35 years. Once you immerse yourself in the language of symbolism, then life itself speaks in symbols. Everything becomes a dream which can be interpreted, just as our night dreams can. When we start to see life in this way, it becomes easier to see the patterns, easier to glimpse the over-arching story. Grand archetypal stories are playing out on the world stage and astrology shows us those stories. But it also shows us that there are certain themes in play, certain lessons to learn, certain frameworks within which we are moving, certain ‘energies’ for want of a better word. The planets don’t make us do anything at all – but they beautifully – and sometimes devastatingly, mirror our collective journey. Why? Because everything is connected – macrocosm, microcosm, as above, so below. We are quantum-entangled, made of star stuff, a vast universe within and without. Astrology is a language, a system of thought that helps us see our place in the universe.

I want to take you back a bit, to when I wrote a piece on the fall of Notre Dame. I was saddened at the destruction of such an iconic building but what seized my attention was the falling of the Tower. In the Tarot, the Tower is crisis, breaking out of hell. The Tower tells us that everything must fall apart to fall into place. I also mentioned the crows, endlessly calling outside just before it happened. Crows are birds associated with death/change – birds of Pluto. It was 2019 and it stayed in my mind. The crisis of course arrived in 2020, a pandemic that killed millions, destroyed many businesses and began to reshape the economy. There was talk of ‘the new normal (Saturn in Aquarius) but then over time, there seemed a lot of talk about getting ‘back’ to normal, as if Covid had never been. As if we would just go on as we always did. As if Pluto was going to let that happen! I’m noting that all Covid restrictions in the UK were lifted on the same day that Putin invaded Ukraine. Coincidence? Something else? Symbolically it’s very interesting.

Just a week before in the UK, we had terrible storms. Three in a row with the third the most frightening storm I have ever lived through. The crows danced just before that too, croaked and cawed, some twenty of them meeting in a tree outside my home as if to say – here it is again – a Tower moment. The spire of a church in Wells fell and my first thought was ‘all is not well’. And then war came on the heels of pestilence. I’m Pagan, not Christian, but I found myself compelled to look up the ‘revelation’. First came Pestilence, then War, then Famine then Death. Ancient stories can have a way of manifesting because each contain truths, no matter which God or no God we believe in.

Back in 2020, we had the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, joined by Ceres, the Sun and Mercury. Saturn conjunct Pluto was on 22 Capricorn, the Sabian symbol for this degree is ‘A soldier receiving two awards for bravery’. Saturn conjunct Pluto was a seed point, creating a hotspot in the chart. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction was on January 12, 2020. The World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020, and a pandemic on 11 March 2020. Symbolically, the Covid virus itself is an expression of our shadow. Think of Agent Smith’s commentary on humans in The Matrix.

“Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus.”

I published my analysis of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction in December 2019, before coronavirus hit our screens and lives, before lockdowns, before life changed. As an astrologer, I knew 2020 would be a difficult year, as did pretty much any other astrologer (!), but I did not know how exactly it would manifest although I had a good idea of the themes. My Youtube Video is still up by the way, if you want to listen or verify when it was published. The reason I am posting about it now is because there emerges a very clear story from the symbolism involved and this is what is in play now, in 2022.

At the exact time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, Ceres was also on Capricorn 22. The Sun was at 21 degrees and Mercury at 23 degrees. The Sun and Mercury illuminate and communicate the issues at hand. Saturn-Pluto alone told us that this was a massive structural overall, a change in who has power and authority, and extreme focus on Mother Earth and food systems (Ceres). I mentioned how Saturn-Pluto was connected to war, specifically appearing at the beginning of the cold war in 1947. In an article I wrote just before Saturn conjunct Pluto became exact, I listed many of the manifestations that were hitting the planet – David Attenborough’s climate crisis warning. The Doomsday clock was moved 20 seconds closer to midnight. There was potential for war to erupt and World War 3 trended on Twitter back in January 2020 too. These things I mentioned specifically in my previous forecast. Significantly, Putin made his grab for power around that time too and I mentioned the movies that were due to be coming out that also seemed to speak of this conjunction – Godzilla versus King Kong (perfect for Saturn conjunct Pluto!), A Time to Die. Antebellum – which means ‘before the war’. The Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction was also square to Eris, the deposer – she who topples the corrupt. I’ve noticed one article where Putin has been described as ‘The disrupter’ so we are also seeing hints of the long Pluto-Eris square happening now too.

But specifically, in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. we had the concept of war, climate crisis, food systems and power along with the idea of the removal/destruction/change of institutions and systems of authority (Capricorn).

Putin made a televised address at 05:55 (Moscow time) on February 24, 2022. The time is listed on the BBC website. It is very possible that the speech itself was recorded but this chart is very descriptive, nonetheless. Putin invaded Ukraine just as Mars and Vesta were on that Capricorn 22 hotspot. Venus was about to join them, but Mars alone acts as a trigger. Mars is a doer of the planets and the warrior. Mars sets things alight, antagonises, stimulates into action. And here we are again, on the Saturn-Pluto hotspot, the soldier Sabian. Significantly, Pluto is also on the South Node of Saturn. Like the Moon, planets have Nodes too. I don’t often use them but this just jumped out at me given the Saturn-Pluto story.

Saturn itself is conjunct asteroid Astraea, the ‘Star-Maiden’ who was the last Goddess to leave the world after the Golden Age. She is associated with Justice and it is said she will one day return to Earth, bringing with her the Utopian Golden Age we left behind. In this chart, Saturn is the chart ruler so with Saturn and Astraea being in the 2nd house, its suggested that this ‘military operation’; is a land grab, an investment, a resource, an attempt to bring back a ‘golden age’. Money/wealth is certainly part of the intention here. The Sabian symbol of Saturn and Astraea is A Forest Fire Is Being Subdued By The Use Of Water, Chemicals And Sheer Muscular Energy. Certainly then, this is a show of force to put out the ‘fire’ of the autonomy and the independence Ukraine desires. The South Node conjunct the Midheaven tells us some old karma is playing out (as does Pluto on Saturn’s South Node), and there’s unfinished business. Saturn himself is known as Lord of Karma. Sedna conjunct the IC is bitterness at the root – or perhaps from Putin’s perspective a desire to be better treated. Sedna is all giving when she is treated well but treat her badly and she will make waves, withhold food. Look at the mass of planets in the 1st and 2nd houses of this chart too – almost like the massed armies, waiting on the borders – Capricorn itself rules borders and boundaries. Black Moon Lilith on the Descendant cuts a lone figure on the ‘enemy’ side (remember we are reading the chart from Putin’s perspective). But Lilith knows the name of God imbuing her with extreme magic. Lilith is the one that screams NO to that which is unfair. It’s striking that Zelenskyy currently has a conjunction between his progressed Black Moon Lilith and Mars – both are on 22 Cancer, directly opposite that hotspot degree. His natal Juno, asteroid of marriages, contracts and agreements has progressed to 22 Capricorn – right on the hotspot itself! This article says “Putin acts like a jealous ex who can’t let go of his old girlfriend.” Yes, that would describe this trio of planets in Zelenskyy’s progressed chart perfectly.

Putin himself has been compared to Hitler, the worst of the worst, the Devil. On a personal level, I think what Putin has done is abhorrent and I am cheering on Zelenskyy. The Ukraine President’s quip, ‘I need ammunition, not a ride’ is the stuff of movie heroes, and seems to me a powerful expression of his natal Mars in Leo in the 2nd house and Saturn in Leo in the 3rd house! Every great story requires a hero and an antagonist after all. Duality is ingrained in our psyche, the nature of opposites. We see them at work in astrology too in the opposition aspects. It’s in Aries = Me, Libra = You.

In films and novels though, often the antagonist expresses aspects of the hero’s shadow. We can see this in real life, right now. The UK, the US and other western countries are no angels. It’s not so simple as good and evil, despite us needing that narrative to work with. Putin is simply a living breathing archetype, currently larger than life. Even a small man can cast a long shadow*, depending upon where the light is. We need to shine like a noon-day sun if we want to erase the shadows for good.

In truth, it is the system itself that is corrupt. I have seen images on Twitter showing Putin as a puppet with strings pulled by Hitler but if anything, it is Pluto who is pulling Putin’s strings. In a private discussion on Facebook with my lovely colleague Louse Edington (do check out her website and books!) she replied to me that Pluto is pulling all our strings! Of course this is correct because we all have Pluto in our personal chart. And right now, he’s pulling our strings because Pluto is determined to change the system we are in. Pluto is a transpersonal planet, interested in collective change but we are all part of the collective.

The system we are in is not working. It’s dysfunctional. It’s unfair. Eris has spent a LOT of time pointing this out with her square to Pluto and she will NOT be silenced. There are plutocrats, oligarchs, the elite, dirty money being laundered through the UK government, amongst many others. The merest sniff of war has led to energy companies predicting huge price rises – right after already inflicting HUGE price rises on the people.

Pluto raises his eyebrow to me, fixes me with a stare. Pluto is interested in the ones who have all the power. After all, the $130 dollars paid for a barrel of oil right now lands in someone’s hands. Someone is getting rich from war and crises. The energy companies have announced billions in profit within days of insisting that the common folk must expect their bills to double, if not triple. Pluto turns to me and says, this stinks doesn’t it? I nod. Pluto rules fertiliser after all and I’m championing his rulership of oil too because oil is dark and slick and comes from underground and oil powers the world – and the powers that be have got their sticky fingers covered in it. Yes, Pluto rules oil in my book although the old books will say it’s Neptune – perhaps they can share. In some circles, there is also talk that extremely high oil prices could cause economic collapse. Pluto winks at me. Yes, he’ll get this done, one way or the other. It’s a shame we chose the hard route.

War is money. Not for the Russian people right now of course. It’s devastating for them too. Many of them don’t want this war but Putin dictates what they are supposed to think. We see examples of this in how Putin’s people are rounding up dissenters, throwing brave protesters in prison by their thousands, cutting off independent news channels. It’s a hallmark of deep suspicion, distrust, absolute power corrupts absolutely – all the flipside of Pluto. Pluto nudges me and reminds me that we are of course all party to this. Pluto lives in all of us, the snarling shadow within that claws at peace of mind in the dark; spits up fears; churns the bowels the minute change comes upon us or is expected of us.

Because change IS expected of us. This is how Pluto works. Pluto in Capricorn tells us the system must change and he doesn’t care how we do it. We can do it by learning to trust one another, devoting ourselves to regeneration, ending fossil (Capricorn!) fuels (Pluto!). We can set limits (Capricorn) on how much one person or company can own, we can eject corrupt governments, heck, we could even try a new system altogether – a moneyless society, a bartering system, a system based on transparency, trust, responsibility, sharing – remember Pluto rules the global 8th house of shared resources. Or we can do it the hard way – try to keep hold of the power, the wealth, the money, the resources, the oil, the chemically sodden foods, the toxic, cruel meat industries, the endless plastic products, the endless consumption, the endless inequality, the endless rape of the planet’s resources. The IPPC climate change report in August 2021 painted a difficult picture. The second report was released four days after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Amidst the noise of war, it has not garnered a great deal of traction but essentially the report says that much of the damage we have done to the planet is irreversible – a Pluto word. There is now a very small window in which we can act. We are back to Ceres conjunct Saturn and Pluto. Ceres by the way can be interpreted simply as feast or famine.

And here we are now, with Ukraine the ‘breadbasket of the world’ (Ceres is specifically associated with wheat as Ceres is connected to cereals). Ukraine’s flag itself is a symbolic representation of blue skies above golden wheat fields. Russia exports huge amounts of fertiliser (Pluto) as well. The BBC leads with a headline. ‘Ukraine war ‘catastrophic for global food’. Meanwhile, European countries are still buying gas and oil from Russia, despite expressing outrage, despite instilling sanctions. Money speaks louder than war, death, bloodshed. On March 3, 2022 the BBC reported that a libel claim against a new book by Tom Burgiss has been dismissed. The subject of the book…

Mr Burgis – a Financial Times journalist – charts how he says dirty money is linked to corruption and is now “flooding the global economy, emboldening dictators [and] poisoning democracies”.

“Good!”, huffs Pluto. “At least something here is moving in the right direction!”

But as Ukraine begs for help, we Nato countries refuse to help because a bully threatens to press the nuclear (Pluto!) button – the ultimate destruction. The Mars-Pluto conjunction we had a few days ago gave us a burning hot warning with the Russian army firing on a Ukrainian nuclear plant, setting it alight. Many an astrologer was watching Mars conjunct Pluto with deep concern. Nato refuses to close the skies over Ukraine because this would mean defending the skies which would mean possibly shooting down Russian planes – an act of war. I understand. I know no one wants this to go nuclear. But I’m listening to Pluto ask me why in this day and age we even have nuclear weapons? These are the bigger questions that must be discussed. Don’t we care about each other? Don’t we care about the planet? How can the Russian state TV anchor say ‘why do we need a world if Russia Is not in it’? Dear Gods, what could possibly evoke such a desolate outlook, utter despair?!  Are we so riddled with fear and hate and distrust that we would decimate an entire population and lay waste to the land, possibly even the world? I think Pluto in Capricorn would like to know when we, the human race, is going to grow up.

Astrologically, Putin is all our shadows rolled into one scared, violent, dangerous man who is exposing all our shadows in one foul act. But we could say that this is the problem in society too – that we have dangerous men in charge in many places, corruption in every government, warmongering from the US and Nato too, dodgy dealings in the UK halls of parliament. We rail against Putin’s dictatorship and authoritarianism and yet in the UK, the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill will make almost all forms of protest a criminal offence. Amnesty International call the bill ‘deeply authoritarian’ a perfect description of Saturn conjunct Pluto and the extreme end of Capricorn. Putin may be the world’s ‘big bad’ currently but he’s not the only one by far.

We don’t by the way, have an accurate chart for Putin himself but there are suggestions that he could be Scorpio rising so Pluto ruled. The chart on does work quite well for him but the DD rating is short for ‘dirty data’! IF the chart is right, then Putin has his natal Pluto at 22 Leo – power in the spotlight! It would have been stimulated by a fated quincunx from Saturn conjunct Pluto. Also, IF the chart is correct, Putin has Lucifer and Ixion conjunct his natal Saturn. It brings up the idea that he is a law unto his own. Natal Pluto is possibly conjunct his MC – an aspiration to have the power – and aspiration to change the world. In Leo, his presence on the world stage is clear.

Someone said on my Facebook comments the other day, why don’t we have mental capacity tests for our leaders? Why indeed? We need leaders who are resilient, calm, compassionate, wise. Why don’t we teach meditation and mediation in schools? Why don’t we teach our children about emotional resilience and problem-solving skills for life? Why don’t we teach diplomacy to our kids? Why are people in work having to use food banks? Why are people having to choose between eating or heating while billionaires sneak money under the metaphorical mattress and governments take backhanders? Why are people starving in Yemen? Why are First Nations people having to fight their governments for clean water? Why am I watching bloodshed on my screen, children murdered by a war they could never understand, wives weeping for husbands. Why? Why? Why?

Pluto looks at me sadly as I sit at his feet, pouring out my rage because I know he can take it. He takes my tear-sodden face in his hands, kisses my brow and promises we have the strength to overcome, the strength to rise, the power to regenerate, the power to change. He whispers that my rage comes from a deeper place, of feeling out of control, of fearing change.

You don’t trust yourself “he says softly. “When you trust yourself, you can manage whatever comes, however difficult. It’s not about feeling nothing, it’s about inhabiting feelings without letting them take the reins. It’s about maintaining quiet and resolute control when all about you falls into chaos. It’s about processing e-motions – energy in motion. It’s about being in the world but not of it. There’s a lot of hate and rage right now, powerful and destructive energies. What do you have in your heart?”

I shift uncomfortably, acknowledge what I feel. Deep down, I feel like a terrified, bullied child. I see how I am deep in the story, my own triggers blaring alarm. I start to read about Putin, who he is, what we know/think we know. I randomly find a video of Putin accepting a puppy as a gift. I notice he spontaneously kisses its head and for a tiny moment, I see him as human again, instead of a monster. I try to understand what would make this puppy-kissing man a murderer of thousands. Because if we don’t look to what makes people do the bad things they do, then how can we ever fix anything? What is it that underpins this horror? Isn’t it better to heal the real source of the wound than to just keep replacing the sticking plaster? Chiron in Aries would certainly like to see that action. I understand Putin sees the world very differently to how I see it. I understand that he too is acting from a place of rage, of hate, of fear. I can’t fix him, maybe nobody can, but I can fix me, so instead of feeling helpless, hateful and out of control, I focus on what is in my control. Pluto pats me on the shoulder. “Now we’re getting somewhere” he says quietly. “Now you see the wealth I offer you. These are the riches that can never be plundered, that can never be denied, that can never lay waste to the land”.

We have to acknowledge the truth, within each and every one of us. All of us must face our personal demons, to dismantle the shadow that is waging war on us now. None of it is easy. Pluto rules things that are deeply complex and nuanced. Nothing is simple with Pluto. My reactions and responses come from a place of privilege, a place where I am NOT fighting for my life or being forced to flee my home. What is right for me right now, may not be right for you. But the over-arching story right now is still the same. Things aren’t working. The system is dysfunctional. The framework is unsupported and unsupportive. There are reasons for the situation we are in now. The structures MUST change, and that change has been seeded in each of us by way of Saturn conjunct Pluto. It is sprouting before our eyes. Will you tend to it? Capricorn is about manifesting and reality. Are we creating hell or heaven? What do you see?  We need to get right with ourselves then take concrete steps towards change.

When Pluto met with Saturn, they made a pact about personal integrity, accountability, trust, maturity and this is what is possible. This was the seed sown in the psyche of all humanity. There is a window of opportunity here in this terrible crisis to transform (Pluto) the way we manage things (Saturn). We could find new sources of power, both for powering our machinery and powering societies. We could invest in green energy. It’s an opportunity to look again at our agricultural systems, consider how we can localise instead of flying stuff halfway around the world. With the North Node now in Taurus and South Node now in Pluto-ruled Scorpio, the karmic story is that we must look to our security for the future – both materially and emotionally. We’ve got to decide what is valuable. We’ve got to look at our values. We must take care of the Earth (Taurus) and let go of the power games (Scorpio). It’s time for us to let go of greed and excess and ensure all have food on their table because how can it possibly be any other way? The planet is in peril and soon none of the wars, greed and power games will make any sense at all because what is coveted will be gone, boiled away by rising sea temperatures (a possible expression of the coming Neptune in Aries transit), flattened by intense storms, starved out as crops fail.

In May this year, Sedna, one of the asteroids I align to matters connected to climate change and our physical evolution, will move onto the final degree of Taurus, the weeping sisters degree, which is associated with tears, sadness, loss. She will stay there until the end of 2022. With Sedna being on this degree for most of the year, we know that matters to do with security, money and resources of all kinds are likely to be critical. This aspect will be emphasised by Pluto as Pluto and Sedna are now in orb of a long-running trine. Hand in hand, these slow-moving bodies are changing the shape of things to come. A series of seven trines altogether will begin in February 2023, with the following two trines in June 2023 and January 2024 being on anaretic degrees. All dates are at the end of this post.

The material world as we know it is changing. We’ve just had Venus conjunct Pluto three times and Mercury conjunct Pluto three times at the beginning of this year, all whilst we are in a Draconic Bowl pattern which is essentially a karmic melting pot. I said in a previous reading on Patreon, and perhaps elsewhere too, that Mercury and Venus conjoining Pluto was preparation for things to come – stripping us back to what is essential, making us aware of truths of heart and mind. The long conjunction between Venus and Mars, now rulers of the Nodal axis, have given us time to consider, how can we act from a place of love? What we do now is going to reverberate through history.

When Pluto begins to move into Aquarius next year, we can either descend into civil war or this could be ‘power to the people’. We will either become a surveillance society or we will make the wind (air) our power source. Pluto tends to work in extremes so we need to be aware of the best and the worst in all cases. I think we also need to pay close attention to what happens when Pluto lands on the anaretic degrees of Capricorn, especially as the world’s super power (the US) currently has its progressed Pluto anaretic too, even more so as the US is also experiencing its Pluto Return. Issues connected to power, authority, governments and structures are going to be critical. And yes, Pluto rules Plutonium too so I not going to skirt the association with nuclear power. My hope is that it will generate a critical discussion on these matters.

I’m aware that some people have different narratives, different beliefs, different information, allegiances and ideals. This is why I think it’s important that we consider the over-arching story. Pluto in Capricorn is mass deconstruction of societal systems and structures whichever angle you are coming from. The old institutions and handshakes must go. Essentially, we are destroying each other, and the planet and Pluto says, it’s got to stop! Neptune in Pisces reminds us that we are all connected. There is no separation between us, even when we are at war with one another. As Jupiter slowly moves towards a conjunction with Neptune, we’ve seen an incredible display of unity between common people. People throwing open their doors to welcome refugees, millions raised in cash, goods donated, animals saved and protected. There is absolutely enough for everyone! Jupiter in Pisces alone can speak of a great wave of refugees, those that need to be helped. A common enemy has shown us that its’s possible to unite. How amazing would it be to have that unity anyway? Why do we continue to need ‘a common enemy?’ Is my idealism showing? Yes! But can we not hope for something better, for us to BE better?

I don’t have answers to many of these questions. I’m an astrologer not a philosopher (although my natal Jupiter in the 1st house trine Mercury in my 9th house might argue about that). I just read the signs, the symbolism, translate as best I can.  I pay attention to the story. I speak with the Gods and ask for their help. I write what I hear and hope it helps someone else. At 53 years old, I’m still learning how to live in this world. I must note that Jupiter conjunct Neptune is an aspect to watch. We hope of course for a miracle – the best that this duo can bring. But it could equally speak of great (Jupiter) loss/confusion/uncertainty (Neptune). I’d like for us to hold the idea of peace in our hearts, elevate it, expand upon it. I know it may seem like a drop in the ocean but every little helps right now. Belief is everything.

If we want to work with all this astrologically, we each need to look deeply at our own Pluto position in our own personal charts. Look to the house, the aspects, the Sabian, the asteroid connections. We can also look to where 22 Capricorn is in our own chart to get an idea of how we personally are taking part in this collective journey. We need to find our own personal stories, make peace with our shadows so that we can enjoy the company of Pluto rather than fear him. Surely, our planet is worthy of such great work.

How to Help Ukraine
An official list of places to donate cash or supplies from the UK’s Guardian Newspaper

*In game of Thrones, Lord Varys says ‘”A very small man can cast a very large shadow.”
I never watched the show but for some reason, this line landed in my mind from seeing it somewhere on line. It seemed appropriate, given the content of this piece. 

Pluto trine Sedna dates

05-Feb-23 Capricorn-Taurus
13-Jun-23 Capricorn-Taurus (anaretic)
07-Jan-24 Capricorn-Taurus  (anaretic)
17-Jul-24 Aquarius – Gemini
10-Dec-24 Aquarius – Gemini
28-Aug-25 Aquarius – Gemini
05-Nov-25 Aquarius – Gemini

Pluto anaretic in Capricorn dates.

Feb 11, 2023 – March 23, 2023
June 11, 2023 – July 27, 2023
Dec 20, 2023 – January 21, 2024
Sep 2, 2024 – November 19, 2024


Painting – ‘Bouquet of Sunflowers’ by Claude Monet

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  1. Jennifer Stephan

    This is brilliant Leah. Thank you for the reminder to embrace our own shadow, do our own healing, and the reminder that we are all going through this together. PS Biden has a stellium in Scorpio and a Moon in Taurus. Such an interesting time for him to be the US leader. He gets this one.

  2. Dolores S. Anderson

    Absolutely fantastic, full of love wisdom and reality, thank you very much. Blessing to you.

  3. Really interesting article Leah thank you. I’ve been beating the whole earth/environment drum now for a few years and at this moment in time I’ve been feeling quite hopeless, when we should be focusing on climate issues, we have been distracted by the horrors of further destruction, my heart bleeds for our planet! The silver lining I’m clinging to (also Jupiter 1st ?) is that this may accelerate a shift away from fossil fuels & into renewables with greater speed! Ive never looked at Sedna before now, she is exactly conjunct my 9th house Saturn in Taurus, I think this needs further interpretation, food for thought!

  4. Thanks Millie. I agree, it’s desperately sad and extremely worrying that the climate crisis is on the back seat yet again. Yes, Sedna is fascinating. She is directly conjunct my Sun. I really need to write more about her 🙂

  5. I am so elated to read this
    report and believe it to be a magnificent guide for all Sun Signs to look inside of our selves and share the Love ?and Light of Consciousness. HarrytheFlyingAngel.

  6. Yes great reading ,,,,at the beginning of 2019 did not really know the impact of what was really going ,Pluto ,Saturn ,the great teachers ,;;till now ,,,it’s easier to understand & make sense of this history in the making ,,,thankyou,,,,

  7. Leah Whitehorse Thanks for this, Leah, what a wonderfully deep analysis… as a profoundly Saturn /Pluto person myself I know the transformative power of those energies, as well as their potential for destructiveness. I have also experienced the profoundly fated quality of Saturn/ Pluto: My husband of nearly 40 years died on the very first day of this new Saturn/ Pluto cycle in Capricorn on 13.1.2020…We are all now living both personally and collectively in a world desperately in need of reconstruction. Maybe the horrible events we are currently living through will force that process along. Let us hope so…

  8. Thank you Anne. Yes, I remember from your book how you so poignantly spoke of your profound connection to the Saturn-Pluto cycle. Indeed, these are desperate times. I hope that these energies can be used for good after all the bad!
    For anyone reading – Anne’s book ‘Postcards to the Future’ is a brilliant addition to your astrological bookshelf.

  9. This is a really wonderful and thought-provoking article. Many thanks indeed. My natal Mars is at 22 Cancer.

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