Weekly Astrology Forecast – March 14 – 20, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonMarch 20 is an important date in the astrological calendar as the Sun enters Aries heralding the beginning of Spring in the Northern hemisphere and marking International Astrology Day! In the Pagan calendar, this is the festival of Ostara. At equinox, night and day are equal but after this date in the Northern hemisphere, the days will be longer than the nights. Light triumphs over dark and Aries gives us a burst of energy and a yearning for new adventures and experiences. This is a time of beginnings as Aries is the first of the signs. Aries energy is all about initiation, going after what we want, pushing ourselves forwards like flowers in spring cracking pavements.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

14-Mar-22 Venus trine Ceres. Mercury square Ceres
The heart knows what we need to nurture but the head argues. Follow your longing. Make peace in your mind.

15-Mar-22 Sun sextile North Node
A flash of intuition points us to the right path. Listen.

16-Mar-22 Chiron conjunct Pallas
Holistic healing. Recognising patterns of pain. Negotiating a fix for problems. Teachers and wisdom keepers.

17-Mar-22 Mercury sextile Uranus
Brilliant ideas. Inventive thinking. Human mind and God mind connect.

18-Mar-22 Full Moon in Virgo. Venus sextile Chiron. Sun sextile Pluto
Peak emotional energies are focused on finding ways to serve and help. Attention to detail. Heart healing. Be the change you want to see. I discussed this lunation in my Youtube March Forecast video and I will be posting a global astro-tarot reading over on my Patreon

19-Mar-22 Venus square Uranus
Relationships feel brittle. Cooling off. A need to give each other space. Learning to love difference.

20-Mar-22 Sun enters Aries
Spring equinox (northern hemisphere). Ostara. International Astrology Day! A burst of inspiration. A desire to push ahead with goals. Bravery. Independence. Impulsiveness and impatience.

Painting – Daffodils by William Logsdail