New Moon in Aries April 2022

The New Moon in Aries takes place at 07:24 (BST), April 1, 2022.
Video Transcript
“The Sabian symbol for this lunation is a triangular shaped flight of wild geese. Well firstly, they are flying in formation. So this symbol tells us that there is an order to everything. Even when life seems quite chaotic, there is an order, a natural order to things. The idea of the wild geese specifically, when they are flying, when the one in the lead becomes tired, then one of the other birds will take over and they are very group oriented. So we’ve got the idea of leadership, knowing when to lead and knowing when to follow. These are really important thoughts around this time.”
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And no, the birds in the video aren’t geese as I’ve yet to catch them as they fly over each morning. But I’ve included a photo below from yesterday when I went to feed this sweet couple. They always get excited when they see me as they know I bring snacks!