Weekly Astrology Forecast – April 4 – 10, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonMars conjoins Saturn and squares the Nodal axis on April 5. It’s a tense day in the cosmos. Action or inaction may be precisely the question that we are asking around this time – which is best? What we decide now is critical for our spiritual evolution. Remember, Saturn too is Lord of Karma. Do we push through or wait? Do we finish what we started or quit whilst we’re behind? Do we keep fighting for what we want, or do we accept that we can’t move any further in that direction? Mars in Aquarius could be seen as a fight for freedom or a fight for humanity! Saturn in Aquarius limits and restricts yet also asks us to manage these things more effectively for the group. We could also say that the universe is simply asking us – what do you want (Mars) to manifest (Saturn) for the future (Aquarius)?

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This Week’s Major Aspects

04-Apr-22 Sun sextile Ceres
Illuminating connections. Remember we are all brothers and sisters. Tend to your needs. Self-nurture.

05-Apr-22 Mars conjunct Saturn and square Nodes. Venus enters Pisces
Endurance. Questions around whether to stop or continue. Building muscle. A test of strength. Adult management of anger and conflict. Karmic actions. Unconditional love.

06-Apr-22 Mercury conjunct Pallas
Note mental patterns. Talk through problems. Being open to hearing all sides.

07-Apr-22 Mercury sextile Saturn
Mental stability. Speak with authenticity. Ask for advice. Mature decisions.

08-Apr-22 Jupiter sextile North Node. Mercury sextile Mars
An opportunity to evolve. Understanding and compassion open doors. Assert ideas. Initiate conversation.

09-Apr-22 First Quarter Moon in Cancer
A need to feel safe versus the desire to pursue wants and goals. History versus new experiences. Self-nurture facilitates brave action.

10-Apr-22 Mercury square Pluto
A tendency towards mind-games and verbal manipulation. Avoid black and white thinking. Look for grey areas.  The power of words. Change your mind to change your reality.

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