Weekly Astrology Forecast – April 11 – 17, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonThe Sun moves on to conjoin Eris on April 14. It puts the spotlight on the things that we have perhaps tried to sweep under the carpet. But the things that are causing disruption and discord in our lives are now out in the open for all to see. It’s important that we acknowledge what we experience as Eris is only pointing out what we need to know. Eris is not afraid to go against the grain, to sing her own song, loudly (in Aries!), even if it clashes with the rest of the choir! And sometimes we too need a little of Eris’s brash confidence, to call out problems and to break out of old constructs (bearing in mind the Sun is still sextile Saturn) that inhibit our true self. Eris can feel chaotic, but this is also super creative energy, the kind that pushes us up and out into new worlds.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

11-Apr-22 Mercury enters Taurus. Saturn square Nodes
Thinking slows. Thoughts occupied by money matters, resources, survival, practical matters. Karmic lessons. A need to commit, show maturity, manage or break out of limitations to trigger evolution.

12-Apr-22 Jupiter conjunct Neptune
Big cosmic tides. A wave of sorrow or elation. Wish granted. Miracles. Mass disappointment. Great loss. The farthest reaches of space. Endless possibility. Global oil/gas matters. Flood. Epic stories. No one is an island; we are all living under the same sky.

13-Apr-22 Sun sextile Saturn
Maturity. Taking responsibility. Holding ourselves accountable. Setting boundaries. Manifesting creative potential. The wisdom of experience.

14-Apr-22 Saturn sextile Pallas
Architectural; integrity. Old teachers. Resolving old problems in a new way.

15-Apr-22 Mars enters Pisces
Communal goals. A fight for peace. Lack of motivation. Defeatism. Spiritual warriors. Pouring energy into helping others.

16-Apr-22 Full Moon in Libra
The Full Moon is opposite Eris and square Pluto. ‘It’s complicated’. The art of compromise. Maintaining balance in the face of disruption or chaos.

17-Apr-22 No major aspects

Painting – Waves Breaking by Claude Monet