Full Moon in Libra April 2022

The Full Moon occurs at 19:55 (BST) on April 16, 2022, at 26°Li45′.

At the Full Moon in Libra, the Moon lies opposite the Sun in Aries. As the Sun is exalted in Aries, this is like the heat of the noon-day Sun. The questions that arise during this time are: how do we maintain our equilibrium when we all have different needs? How do we balance the need for a relationship and to feel connected (the Moon in Libra) with the desire to have independence and to do what we want, when we want (the Sun in Aries)? Compromise is the key.

Pluto in Capricorn squares the lights. ‘It’s complicated’ is sometimes used as a relationship descriptor and yes, Pluto square the lights is indicative of that! There are shadows and conditioning. There are forces at work in the outside world that we can’t do anything about that work their way into our everyday lives. Difficult unconscious material bubbles up when we connect with others and morphs into mind games, unpleasant behaviour, arguments, disconnection, mixed messages, projection upon projection. It happens in our love relationships, our business relationships, our family relationships. The 7th house is often seen as ‘marriage’ or long-term partners but it can just as easily be ‘other people in general’. It’s business partners, clients, best friends. People! People are the problem we mutter, yet no one is an island. People need people, especially when the Moon is in Libra!

As the T-square between the Moon and Sun and Pluto, points to the Lord of the Underworld, it tells us that we must explore these complicated dynamics. We must restructure, decondition, change, eradicate habits and behaviours so that we can break out of unhealthy repeating patterns. And in so doing, the gift we gain is that we feel more empowered. We become more able to ride the winds of change and keep evolving. Working with Pluto also means we learn to trust ourselves and each other, the basic foundation of any connection that is to stand the test of time.

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Painting – ‘Libra’ by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis