Weekly Astrology Forecast April 18 – 24, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonThe picture begins to calm on April 20 when we enter Taurus season. After the frantic pace of Aries, this is a welcome movement that gives us time to gather our thoughts and enjoy what we have in the present. Security is the watch word of Taurus so we may feel more focused on practical issues of survival now – ensuring bills are paid and food is on the table. But in this uncomplicated sign, we enjoy simple pleasures – a nice meal with a loved one, an afternoon crafting, pottering around in the garden – or indeed pottery! Where we may have been fighting our circumstances or frustrated with the previous transit through Aries, now we are much more content to wait it out. Taurus has endless patience. We just have to watch any tendency towards resistance to change as this sign can be a stick in the mud when it comes to trying new things. Plant seeds, enjoy nature, treat yourself, delight in the senses, make love, make art. Let yourself have the odd lazy day. Right now, we can all do with the comfort and ease that Taurus brings.  

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This Week’s Major Aspects

18-Apr-22 Mercury conjunct Uranus and sextile Venus. Venus sextile Uranus. Sun square Pluto
Surprising conversations create space for growth in relationships. Test ideas. Think outside of the box. Appreciate differences. Don’t let ego get in the way of trust.

19-Apr-22 Sun sextile Juno (both anaretic)
An urgent desire for freedom and independence. An opportunity to fulfil a promise or commitment.

20-Apr-22 Sun enters Taurus. Juno enters Pisces
Slow down and smell the roses. Get in touch with your body. Explore what makes you feel secure. Be practical. Spiritual connection becomes more important in relationship matters.

21-Apr-22 No major aspects

22-Apr-22 No major aspects

23-Apr-22 Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius. Mercury conjunct North Node
The need to explore new roads vies with a desire to stick with the tried and true. For life to become more fruitful, we need to climb out of our comfort zone. Young people may offer up surprising insight. Listen.

24-Apr-22 Mercury square Saturn and sextile Neptune
Doubts. Thinking negatively. Doom scrolling. Mental blocks. But we have the imagination to solve many problems if we allow ourselves to relax. Meditate, daydream, watch a movie, sleep. Intuition is favoured over hard logic when it comes to decision making.

Painting- Landscape with Cattle by Robert Julian Onderdonk