Weekly Astrology Forecast April 25 – May 1, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon postThe greatest help though comes from Venus’s conjunction to Neptune, also on April 27. In fact, on this date, we have a quadruple conjunction as the Moon is now in Pisces and Venus is now in orb of a conjunction to Jupiter too (perfecting later this week). Ripples are everywhere – psychic, emotional. We’re waving, or drowning, riding high on love, doped up, drunk, sitting in a pool of our own tears like Alice in Wonderland. Venus conjunct Neptune is lost to love – positively, or negatively! This is the kind of love that makes movies and inspires songs. The love that we long for, unrequited love that first takes us up into a beautiful fantasy land then washes us away when it all comes to nothing. Venus conjunct Neptune is the impossible dream, the miracles that catapult us out of the mundane and into the extraordinary. This Pisces wave is the old woman in Ukraine who is surrounded by bombed out properties but who won’t leave because her rescue dogs need her. It’s people pouring money into appeals. It’s the local vicar opening his church to refugees, drug addicts and homeless folk. It’s monks chanting at sunrise and sunset. It’s listening to your favourite album on repeat, heart exploding into stars as your favourite artist sings your favourite line. Make time to tune in. Listen to music that moves you. Look to your fellow human, tree, cat, sky and know you are connected to everything. These vibrations continue throughout the week. Let’s make it a wave of love, rippling across the planet.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

25-Apr-22 Venus square Ceres
Attracted to things that we know aren’t good for us. A disconnect between what we feel and what we communicate to loved ones. Mothers and daughters.

26-Apr-22 Venus sextile North Node
Love lights the way. Women and Venusian types are karmic helpers.

27-Apr-22 Mercury sextile Jupiter. Venus conjunct Neptune
Be open to learning. Keep the big picture in mind. Waves of compassion and creative energy.

28-Apr-22 Mercury trine Pluto
Strong perception. Laser focus. The power of words. Thoughts turn to how to transform circumstances. The mind finds a way. Deciding to deal with the sh*t! Facing the truth with strength and composure.

29-Apr-22 Pluto stations retrograde. Mercury enters Gemini
Turning within to unpick psychological constructs that resist change. Allowing ourselves to become curious about life and others. Open a conversation.

30-Apr-22 Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Venus conjunct Jupiter
A revolutionary new start (eclipse conjunct Uranus). Revelations around finances and resources. Huge possibility for growth if we’re willing to be patient. Acorns to oak trees. Be open to receive abundance.

01-May-22 Ceres square Neptune and trine Saturn. Venus sextile Pluto
Idealisation of what it means to be cherished and nurtured. Nothing is ever enough. Hunger. Feeling empty. The more we stick together, the less lost we feel. The power of love can change everything.

Painting – May Day by Maurice Prendergast