Jupiter in Aries 2022 – 2023

Jupiter enters Aries on May 11, 2022 and will remain in this sign until October 28, 2022. After revisiting Pisces for around six weeks, Jupiter will return to Aries on December 20, 2022 and complete its mission there on May 16, 2023.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and the greatest of the Roman Gods. As a planet, there are suggestions that Jupiter’s sheer size protects our planet from asteroids as they either crash into Jupiter first or its gravity draws them off course. As Sky God, Jupiter sees all, knows all and can rain down blessings (or judgements!) as he sees fit. Known as the Great Benefic, where Jupiter moves in the chart shows where we have opportunities for growth and development. This is where lucky breaks can be found, abundance, fortune. Focusing on the house where Jupiter is transiting brings us hope for the future. In this place, we are indeed encouraged to be hopeful, to look ahead, to envision. Jupiter inspires, asks us to believe, asks us to have faith.

Aries is the first of all the signs of the zodiac. As a cardinal fire sign it is full of energy and vigour. Aries is associated with the vibrant flourishing of spring, the strength of shoots pushing through concrete cracks to reach the light, the flamboyance of blossom, the unabashed exuberance of youth. Aries is boisterous as a six-year-old boy charging about the house, as rambunctious as students out partying in their first few weeks of university life. With connection to the military via ruler Mars, it’s hard boots tramping on the pavement whilst chanting a cadence, the clash of weapons, the clang of armour, shouting, loud.

As Aries is associated with the global 1st house of the natural chart, we are also looking at issues connected with the self, the I – yes, sometimes Aries can be selfish and all about ‘me, me, me’. But certainly, sometimes we MUST think about ourselves and our own journey. We must know what is good for us and what isn’t. We must follow the spark that lights us up from the inside out. We must go after what we want, be brave, fight to live and thrive and dream and dance. Aries is passionate, fiery, feisty and sometimes blunt, impatient, impulsive and angry. The shadow of Aries is often expressed through anger and violence. We hit out, react without thinking to our triggers, shoot first and ask questions later.

Given the association with Jupiter being large, where Jupiter moves it enlarges, it magnifies, it makes what it touches bigger. Consider how we have just had Jupiter in Pisces, a sign associated with people who are in trouble, people who need saving and the giant exodus of refugees from Ukraine. We couldn’t NOT see how much help was (and still is) needed. So, as Jupiter enters Aries, everything about Aries is enhanced, both positively and negatively.

One of the main messages of this transit is that each of us have an opportunity for personal growth. Where this occurs will be dependant on our personal chart. You can consult the exploration of Jupiter in Aries through the Houses for the Signs below so that you have a clear idea of the areas of life affected by this movement and how you can make the best of it (as well as avoid the pitfalls).

Jupiter in Aries increases our desires, confidence and courage. Being brave is the way we will grow during this time. We must create our own opportunities, believe life is on our side, think of ourselves as our own lucky charm. Jupiter in Aries pushes us to follow our inspiration, to ‘go large or go home’ as they say! Having faith in ourselves, believing in ourselves is exactly the way we can stretch ourselves to go beyond where we have gone before. Aries is the pioneer, Jupiter an explorer (it rules Sagittarius, the sign associated with foreign places), so we can see how this transit is positively pushing us out of our comfort zone to gain new experiences. Aries loves a challenge and now we want a BIG challenge – something to get the blood pumping, the eyes bright and alert, to feel sharp and focused, chasing the dream, the goal, the vision, thrilled to be on a mission.

But we can also see how the shadow of this transit might manifest as huge anger, being massively triggered, impatience, impulsiveness – because we want all the good stuff, right now! I cannot wait, we exclaim! And that can be joyous or that can be furious, frustrated, needing to see the benefits of our actions immediately! Yes, now or never can be an excellent motivator, but it can also mean we go in too hard, too fast, make mistakes, squander our chances.

I was watching a movie called Greenland the other day, about a planet-killer asteroid (and no, I don’t think that will happen under this transit!). But what caught my attention was thinking about how loud that event would be. Impossibly, inconceivably loud. I found myself looking up things online about the loudest noise ever (Krakatoa) and watching explosions on YouTube (yes, I got sucked down the rabbit hole!). But this is what I do when I am meditating on and musing on transits. I follow my senses where they lead. They kept leading me to LOUD. Positively, maybe that’s the point, that we need to make a noise, that we need to take action, that we can’t pussyfoot around what we want anymore, that we need to be direct. But we could also be too over the top, too go-getting, too pushy, too direct. We’ve got a fine line to walk although Jupiter doesn’t really do fine lines – after all, he has extra-large feet!

The other main issue with Jupiter in Aries is that Jupiter is connected to law, morality and belief so when you mix these energies together, there is strong potential for crusading. We can be quick to judge, quick to act on those judgements, hot under the collar because others don’t believe what we believe, morally outraged. It’s outrageous! How could they, we shout! And now we want to do something, anything to put it right. Slow down, slow down, slow down is going to be my motto during this time to keep providing check points, to stop my mind racing, to appreciate what I have instead of chasing everything!

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