Weekly Astrology Forecast May 2 – 8, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonJupiter also moves onto the final degree of Pisces on May 5 too. This anaretic degree is where things become most Pisces. Anaretic degrees emphasise the sign qualities and Jupiter itself tends to magnify. So all that stuff about huge waves, big dreams, a flood of feeling, transcendental experiences is raised to the nth degree. It’s billowing sails, high seas, a billion stars glittering on a midnight ocean. It’s beautiful and enormous and confounding and filled with the glory of heavenly hosts! I think you get the idea! There’s nothing wrong in any of this of course but the problem comes if the giant untethered balloon we are in starts to float away. Let’s be thankful that the sextile to Pluto in sensible, anchored Capricorn is still in play! Pluto will help to keep us connected, grounded, able to see the truth instead of being carried away on a dream. These stories will remain in play until Jupiter moves into Aries on May 11 next week.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

02-May-22 Venus enters Aries
Asserting your heart’s desire. The thrill of the chase. Self-love. The love of independence and autonomy.

03-May-22 Jupiter sextile Pluto
An opportunity to embrace change. Empowerment amplified. Believe in the transformation.

04-May-22 Mars sextile Uranus
Motivated to try something new. A passion for technology. Fighting for freedom. Cheering on the crowd.

05-May-22 Sun conjunct Uranus. Jupiter anaretic in Pisces – until May 11
Liberation of self. A personal awakening. A personal revolution. Riding high on a wave of hope.

06-May-22 Mercury sextile Venus
Asking them out on a date. Opening the conversation. Icebreakers and get togethers.

07-May-22 Sun sextile Mars
Assert yourself. Knowing your strengths. An invitation to show what you can do. Courage.

08-May-22 No major aspects

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