Mercury Retrograde May 2022

Mercury entered the shadow zone of its upcoming retrograde period on April 26, 2022. The retrograde itself begins on May 10, when Mercury will station in its home sign of Gemini. Mercury’s backward motion will take it back into Taurus on May 23 before stationing direct on June 3. Mercury will exit the shadow zone on June 19, 2022. All dates and aspects are listed below.

When Mercury stations retrograde, we are asked to go within, reconnect with ourselves and revisit old ground. We have to go backwards to go forwards. We must look to where we have been before looking to where we’re going. Often around this period, we can experience problems with miscommunication, wrong-timing, transport troubles, missed messages buses, taxis or planes. Computers go on the blink, work disappears, or we forget that something important that we weren’t meant to forget! In all these instances, astrologically it’s because Mercury is taking us out of human time into cosmic time. It doesn’t matter that you have to wait four hours to catch your plane, says Mercury, because this will give you some thinking time. We chafe against the ‘mess’ that Mercury retrograde creates but in practice, most often, Mercury is working in our favour. If your favourite product is removed from the shelves for good, then there will be another that is even better. If you missed your taxi, maybe you needed to be there later. If your computer messed up, maybe you needed a new one, or you needed to find an excellent technician, or you simply needed some time away from the screen.

It seems to be that when Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, some of these more traditional suggestions of how Mercury retrograde might manifest tend to be more prominent. After all, this is the sign that Mercury rules so he can do as he likes here for sure! This is my house says Mercury, so if I want to mix it up a bit I will! Now Mercury has moved half the bedroom furniture into the living room, the balcony furniture into the dining room and there’s a sofa suddenly in the bathroom. We have no clue where we are or what’s going on! But somehow in all the mess, old energy is shifted, new connections made, brilliant ideas seeded.

Houses affected for each sign

Aries  – 3rd and 2nd house
Taurus – 2nd and 1st house
Gemini – 1st and 12th house
Cancer – 12th and 11th house
Leo – 11th and 10th house
Virgo – 10th and 9th house
Libra – 9th and 8th house
Scorpio – 8th and 7th house
Sagittarius – 7th and 6th house
Capricorn – 6th and 5th house
Aquarius – 5th and 4th house
Pisces – 4th and 3rd house

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Mercury Retrograde Dates
26-Apr-22 Mercury enters shadow zone
10-May-22 Mercury stations retrograde
20-May-22 Mercury sextile Jupiter
21-May-22 Sun conjunct Mercury
23-May-22 Mercury Rx re-enters Taurus
23-May-22 Mercury square Vesta
24-May-22 Mercury sextile Mars
24-May-22 Mercury conjunct Sedna
25-May-22 Mercury trine Pluto
03-Jun-22 Mercury stations direct
19-06-22 Mercury exits shadow zone

Painting – Mercury and Argus by Peter Paul Rubens