Weekly Astrology Forecast May 9 – 15, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – Finally for the week, on May 15, Ceres enters Cancer. Ceres is about mothering and nurture and Cancer is connected to childhood, home, family, roots and belonging so this is a blend of influences that work well together. Ceres is comfortable in Cancer and at her most nurturing and protective here. During this transit, Ceres asks us to take care of family business, look after ourselves and our homes, cherish our roots. However, as Ceres can also be connected to feast and famine, loss and gain, we may also have to face where we don’t feel nurtured, cared for or like we belong. If family life has been difficult, we may feel more keenly the grief that arises when we feel left out or unloved. The shadow of Ceres in Cancer may also manifest as being overly protective. Ceres can be a smothering mother. Imagine Ceres tying Persephone to her apron strings, refusing to let her out in case anything untoward happens (cue Pluto!). Ceres in Cancer can refuse to let us grow up for fear of loss. Emotional immaturity and over-defensiveness may be issues that arise when unconscious material is unaddressed. Ceres will be in Cancer until July 23, 2022.

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This Week’s Major Transits

09-May-22 First Quarter Moon in Leo
A need for security vies with a desire for playfulness and fun. Indulge your inner child whilst being mindful of responsibilities.

10-May-22 Mercury stations retrograde
Unpick what you think you know. Review and revise. Go back to the start. Explore old connections.

11-May-22 Jupiter enters Aries
A blast of energy. Huge motivation. Anger and aggression magnified. Fortune favours the brave.

12-May-22 No major aspects

13-May-22 Sun conjunct North Node
The karmic path illuminated. Life lessons become clear. Understanding what matters.

14-May-22 No major aspects

15-May-22 Venus conjunct Chiron. Sun square Saturn and sextile Neptune
Look with your heart. See past mistakes and imperfections. Fear of rejection in relationship. Self-compassion relieves the pain of self-imposed restrictions and limitations. You are worthy. You are good enough.

Painting – Portrait of Marchesa Maria Serra Pallavicino by Peter Paul Rubens