Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 2022

The Full Moon occurs at 05:14 (BST) on May 16, 2022, at 25°Sc17′.

This is a potent lunation and a total lunar eclipse. With the Full Moon in Scorpio, conjunct the South Node and sextile to ruler Pluto, we’re pushed to walk deep into the Underworld, to explore our fears and shadows. A square from Saturn to the Lights and the Nodes too, may bring up intense resistance and yet, the same connection tells us that we are capable, and we can respond differently if we choose. The message repeated continuously through the chart is that we are building a new world and right now, what is old and dying and no longer useful must be released to fertilise new growth.

But sometimes letting go is hard so we must trust the process, trust ourselves, trust the soul to lead us. The Moon’s trines to Mars and Neptune in Pisces offers a way through – although we must be wary of escapism and spiritual bypassing. Sometimes what we have to deal with isn’t pleasant but it’s part of life. Take control where you can. Surrender where you must without falling into defeatism. Know that the changes prompted now will bring regeneration and newfound strength. You are not your fear. Life is to be lived, deeply, powerfully, intensely. Live with every fibre of your being. Don’t be afraid of the dark: it is the place from which the stars shine. Embrace the mystery.

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Painting – Full moon over river landscape with fishing and sailing boat by Knud Baade