Weekly Astrology Forecast May 16 – 22, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonAlso on May 18, Sedna lands on the final degree of Taurus, a critical degree and one associated with The Weeping Sisters. You can find out more about this degree here – the commentary on the degree starts at 12mins 54 seconds in that recording. Now we know that we have reached a critical point in our evolution. We are coming to the end of a journey of 54 years as Sedna entered Taurus back in 1968. Think how much has changed since then. Think of how the landscape has changed in your local area, how the planet has changed, how our values have changed, how the pursuit of riches and resources as developed over time and how that has reshaped our world. Sedna, betrayed by her Father, can also represent the bitterness that we feel, the rage at the rape of Mother Earth, the poisoning of her waters and the continuing unfair treatment of women. When treated badly, Sedna withdraws her gifts, leaves fishermen with empty nets, refuses to feed. As Sedna comes to the end of her journey through Taurus, many of these issues become acute as we must tie up lessons before moving on to the next chapter when Sedna begins to enter Gemini next year.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

16-May-22 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
Potent transformation. Magical release. The power of letting go.

17-May-22 No major aspects

18-May-22 Mars conjunct Neptune. Sedna anaretic in Taurus.
Intuitive action. Acts of kindness. Imagination stimulated. Women’s issues and planetary resources/foods become acute.

19-May-22 Sun trine Pluto
Power and purpose. Identifying where your power lies. Taking control.

20-May-22 Mercury Rx sextile Jupiter
Revising. Going back to old books, interests or ideas. Revisiting places. Checking facts. Be teachable.

21-May-22 Sun enters Gemini. Sun conjunct Mercury
A call to be flexible. Keep the mind open to new information and messages from source. Breathe deeply and relax. The knowledge/ideas will come.

22-May-22 Last Quarter Moon in Pisces. Mars sextile Pluto
Choices to be made but the instinct is to delay or hide. You’re stronger than you think. Trust your intuition to guide you to profound transformative action.

Painting – Windmill on the Sea Coast by Ivan Aivazovsky