Weekly Astrology Forecast May 23 – 29, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – The end of the week sees the perfection of Mars conjunct Jupiter on May 29. BOOM! This is loud! It’s everything from cheers to explosions, military displays for celebration or for might. Positively, on a personal level, we might feel enormous motivation that pushes us to go further or faster than we’ve gone before. Increased confidence, independence or will drives us to expand our world, take on new challenges, create big new goals. But we do need to be aware of temper tantrums, righteous anger and a tendency to blow up at the least little thing.


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This Week’s Major Aspects

23-May-22 Mercury Rx re-enters Taurus. Sun sextile Jupiter
Re-evaluation of personal values and finances. There is room to expand but we need to be clear about what matters first to ensure we choose the right goals.

24-May-22 Mercury sextile Mars. Venus sextile Saturn
An invitation to assert ideas or initiate conversation. Maturity and growth in relationships. Long term financial planning.

25-May-22 Mars enters Aries. Mercury trine Pluto
An uprush of energy. A desire for fresh challenges. Strong independent streak. In depth conversation – or words spoken with force.

26-May-22 No major aspects

27-May-22 Venus square Pluto
Radical regeneration in relationships. Face the shadows for greater intimacy. Jealousy.

28-May-22 Venus enters Taurus
Ease heartache through connection to Mother Earth. Good food and good company. Simple pleasures. Issues around self-worth and security become prominent.

29-May-22 Mars conjunct Jupiter
Huge desire. Massive temper. Boiling point. Increased motivation. Big goals. Fit to burst with excitement.

Painting – The Young Drummer by Thomas Couture