New Moon in Gemini – May 2022

The New Moon occurs at 12:30 (BST) May 30, 2022 at 09GEM03.

The Sabian symbol of this lunation is ‘An Aeroplane Performing A Nosedive.’

Often, when we first read this symbol, the mental image that comes to mind is of a plane spiralling through the air, smoke billowing, wings spinning. We hear the scream of the engines, the urgent voice of every disaster movie moment ‘Mayday, Mayday, Mayday’. And yes sometimes, this symbol can indeed represent a moment where we feel like everything is taking a nosedive and spinning out of control. We fear that it’s all going to be one big mess, we’re going to crash and burn, what a disaster!

But if we look again, and bearing in mind that Gemini rules language, we see that the symbol states that the plane is performing a nosedive. To perform something means that it’s a deliberate action. So, this symbol also alludes to the idea of coming back down to earth. We need to get out of our heads and ground ourselves, see the reality of our situation – remember that Mercury retrograde, the ruler of this lunation is currently in earthy, slow moving, deliberate Taurus. It’s about gently taking control, calmly grabbing the wheel of life and guiding it in the direction we need to go based on what is in our hearts (Taurus is ruled by Venus).

Sometimes we live with our head in the clouds, lofty ideas and ideals, disconnected, out of touch with reality. Right now, we need to touch base, have our feet on the ground. Mercury is also squaring Saturn so hard lessons are in play too. We have to get out of negative spirals of thinking. We need to speak up, even when it’s difficult. We need to talk about rules (Saturn) versus freedoms (Aquarius) and whether rules are blocking or enabling progress. We need to keep our minds open, develop expertise, learn by experience. A safe landing is possible, as long as we remain teachable and open to change.

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Painting – Crashed Aeroplane by John Singer Sargent