Weekly Astrology Forecast – May 30 – June 5, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon The final aspect of the week is a sextile between Venus and Ceres on June 5. Good (Venus) food (Ceres) – that’s what I see first as I’m going out for a meal on this date! Venus is at home in Taurus, a sign associated with simple pleasures. Ceres is in Cancer, a sign connected to the stomach and nourishment and Ceres herself is the Goddess of Crops and Grain. It seems to me that much of the week until this date is heavily focused on the mental realms – like, we’ve been thinking, thinking, thinking all week. Maybe it’s been a week packed with zoom calls and meetings, conversations, emails so we certainly need time to refuel! Spend time in the garden or elsewhere in nature. Venus and Ceres also bring a sense of being nourished by each other’s company. Meet with those you love, break bread together, share a bottle of wine, laugh. Or give yourself a treat – food or otherwise, to remind you of the sweet things in life.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

30-May-22 New Moon in Gemini
New choices, new decisions, new conversations – but expect results to be delayed until Mercury activates this degree in late June.

31-May-22 No major aspects

01-Jun-22 No major aspects

02-Jun-22 No major aspects

03-Jun-22 Mercury stations direct
A shift of mindset. Realisations. Taking time to find your footing. Orientation.

04-Jun-22 Saturn stations retrograde
Time to review internal support systems and structures, explore what has been achieved and prepare for future plans. Finish what has been started before taking on new projects.

05-Jun-22 Venus sextile Ceres
Comfort and security. Cherishing time with friends. Grandma’s soup. A taste of home. Gardening and appreciation of nature.

Painting – Grain fields on the hills of Argenteuil by Alfred Sisley