Weekly Astrology Forecast June 6 – 12, 2022

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Weekly Forecast
Excerpt from Patreon – It is Venus who speaks loudest on June 11 as she forms a conjunction with Uranus. The union between these planets is like a jump start to the heart! For some, this could manifest as a pleasant surprise, unexpected gifts or money. Or perhaps it’s a spontaneous meeting that kindles romance. However, when Venus conjoins Uranus, we also like to have freedom and space so some may find this energy a little harder to handle. We do however have a concurrent sextile between Venus and Juno, goddess of marriage and contracts. It’s as though the skies are reminding us that we can still be committed and true whilst retaining a level of independence. We don’t always like the same things that our partner does so this is an ideal day to go off an enjoy ourselves. We can come back together later to tell each other all about our adventures. On an inner level, maybe this is the time to ask whether we’ve got a little too comfortable with our likes and dislikes. Maybe it’s time for a change, to savour new tastes and experiences.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

06-Jun-22 Sun sextile Chiron. Uranus conjunct Pallas. Mars square Ceres
Overly protective. Fighting for nature. Open to healing. Recognising patterns.

07-Jun-22 First Quarter Moon in Virgo
Analysis paralysis. Precise instinctive guidance. A need to be of service. A need to get organised.

08-Jun-22 No major aspects

09-Jun-22 No major aspects

10-Jun-22 Mercury trine Pluto
Third in a series of three. Mental receptivity to what needs to change. Realisations. Clearing out mental cobwebs. The power of positive thought.

11-Jun-22 Venus conjunct Uranus and sextile Juno.
Freedom of choice. Liberated relationships. New experiences bring pleasure.

12-Jun-22 Mercury conjunct Sedna
Thoughts wander to question so vast it’s hard to conceive. Awareness of larger forces at work. Deep unconscious material surfacing.

Painting – Woman Reading by Mary Cassatt