Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 13 – 19, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonJune 17 sees us begin to revisit the square between Saturn and Uranus. Whilst this aspect will not be exact again, the two will draw closer and closer together until at the beginning of October, they will be in the same degree (18 degrees of each sign). We could anticipate then that the issues they relate to will be most prominent around that time. Saturn square Uranus has been an ongoing tussle between freedom and restriction, rules and liberty, young and old, old and new, convention versus alternatives. The tension has been palpable and now again it feels like we are redrawing the map, breaking walls, changing barriers, reshaping, upgrading. And whilst Saturn may well feel like we are being held back at times, in truth, he’s just insisting on slow progress. Because change will happen. The old ways will fall away to be replaced by newer models. Saturn is in Aquarius after all, building a foundation for the future that is going to look very different to where we are now. And Uranus is in Taurus, bringing change to those things that we thought would never change. This aspect will now be in play until January 7, 2023.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

13-Jun-22 Mercury enters Gemini
Finally, all the information is at hand. Considering options. Looking for connections.

14-Jun-22 Full Moon in Sagittarius
What you believe versus what you know. Questions around our vision of the future. International relations and travel highlighted.

15-Jun-22 Mars conjunct Chiron
Having the courage to heal. Making a weakness a strength. Motivated to teach.

16-Jun-22 Sun trine Saturn and square Neptune, Venus conjunct North Node
Feeling lost and uncertain. Anchor yourself in reality whilst making room for miracles. Love leads the way.

17-Jun-22 Saturn and Uranus in orb of square – until Jan 7, 2023
Restriction versus freedom. New versus old. Rules versus liberty. Slow progress, but progress will be made.

18-Jun-22 Venus square Saturn
Not enough money. Feeling unloved and unappreciated. Poverty consciousness. Commitment issues in relationships and money matters.

19-Jun-22 Venus sextile Neptune
Unconditional love. A holy moment. Lift the heart through acts of kindness. Empathy.

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