Weekly Astrology Forecast June 20 – 26, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – The Sun then leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on June 21, signalling a seasonal shift as we arrive at summer solstice. This is the beginning of astronomical summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. Here in the North, the Sun reaches its maximum declination, the Oak King is at his greatest power, the Sun God is brilliant and bountiful. Our star brings us light and life, sending rays of gold down to tickle the Goddess beneath. In turn she swells into greens and blossoms, giving off the heady, heavy scents of summer blossom which attracts bees and other insects to pollinate. During summer, the trees are heavy in leaf and fruits grow rapidly. At summer solstice, we celebrate the abundance of nature and honour our star. I have made a video on Patreon ($5 tier) which further explores the meaning of this festival, how to celebrate and I also explore the Cancer ingress chart. Merry solstice to you all! 

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This Week’s Major Aspects

20-Jun-22 Mercury sextile Jupiter
Open to learning. Increased communication. Storytelling and presentations. Amplify the voice.

21-Jun-22 Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, Venus trine Pluto, Sun enters Cancer
Confusion. Intuition vies with logic. Feeling our way through decisions. Standing strong in our values helps us to mediate change. Knowing where support lies. Nesting. Learning to be at home in your own skin. Solstice.

22-Jun-22 Chiron square Ceres
Painful patterns around nurturing and food. Hungry. Feeling rejected/different from the family. Cherish yourself despite your wounds.

23-Jun-22 Venus enters Gemini
Keeping options open in relationships. Attracted to the mind. A love of books and learning. Fun and flirtation. Noncommittal.

24-Jun-22 Saturn square Pallas
Negotiating with hardliners. Patterns in friendships prompt reassessment. Immediate security versus long term security.

25-Jun-22 Neptune sextile Pallas. Uranus sextile Ceres
Imagination and artistry. Intuition and feminine wisdom. A hands-off approach to nurturing. Giving people space to be themselves makes them feel loved.

26-Jun-22 No major aspects

Painting – Schooner in Fairhaven Harbor, Sunrise by William Bradford