Full Moon in Capricorn – July 2022

The Full Moon occurs at 19:37 (BST) on July 13, 2022, at 21°Cp21′.

The Moon is conjunct Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.

The Sabian symbol is By Accepting Defeat Gracefully A General Reveals Nobility Of Character.

The General fought and fought and fought but it was a losing battle, and he knew it. Finally, he gave up, graciously stood back, admitted defeat. This Sabian then, asks us to explore where we too need to admit defeat and how we respond to a loss.

I hold my hands up. I am a very bad loser! I have lots of Aries in my chart and I do not like to lose. Whether it’s a card game or something much more important, I do not like to lose! Of course, now that I’m older, I’m much more gracious about it. I know that if I lose then it’s not for me. It’s for someone else to have that win. But still, it smarts. Losing is never easy.

This lunation takes us deeply into a conversation about how we lose and how we deal with that hurt. Do we support ourselves (Sun in Cancer)? Do we take responsibility (Moon in Capricorn)? Do we know our strengths and weaknesses (the Moon and Sun square Chiron in Aries)? Do we do what we have to do to get our strength back? Do we heal our wounds? Or do we just give up, toss our toys out of the pram?!

This Sabian Symbol teaches us something of how to be a good loser, how to take responsibility, how to respond. Responsibility is simply the ability to respond. It’s all about how we respond to not getting what we want. When we are gracious about it, when we accept it, then that brings out a nobility of character. It makes us feel stronger. It makes us able to withstand life’s losses. Because we are always going to experience them. If we fall apart every time we have a loss, then it’s just going to make life very, very hard. It doesn’t mean that we don’t grieve, or that we shouldn’t feel anything. But we do need to know when to accept a loss, because remember that the shadow of Capricorn is about resistance. And that is usually the crux of our troubles – that we resist. We resist the pain. We resist sorrow. We resist losing. We just resist, resist, resist. And as the saying goes, what we resist, persists (attributed to Carl Jung).

So, let go of the resistance (Pluto), eliminate, get rid of it! Be in the loss, if that’s appropriate for you right now. Or just be in that knowledge that life is a dance between summer, winter, loss, gain, life, death, that’s just how it goes. That’s part of life. Saturn, Old Father Time, the ruler of Capricorn, offers us this wisdom and experience that comes from a life well lived, through all its trials and tribulations.

*****************************************************************I recorded a 45mins astro-tarot reading for this lunation over on my Patreon, where I discussed the chart aspects in depth and explored the meaning of asteroids Hylonome, Kassandra and Persephone in relation to the chart. Note that this is quite a heavy reading with some challenging themes arising from this chart so if you are not in the right headspace, wait for the lovely New Moon in Leo that we have at the end of the month! Click here to join my Patreon and listen – a transcript is also available

Painting – ‘Mother of Sorrows’ by Bartolome Esteban Murillo