Weekly Astrology Forecast July 11 – 17, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonMercury then joins the Sun on July 16, forming a superior conjunction in the skies. After this date, Mercury will then emerge from the Sun’s rays in a week or so as an evening star. Consequently, after the brilliant revelations of this conjunction, we become more reflective, thinking back more than looking forward. We’ve gone as far as we can since the last solar conjunction when Mercury was retrograde back in May. The union of Mercury and the Sun brings us in touch with Source, filters down messages from the heavens, gives us a flash of insight as to the nature of our mission and purpose in life.

The Sabian symbol of this conjunction is ‘A Wilful Man Is Overshadowed By A Descent Of Superior Power’. I’m looking back at the symbol for the Full Moon which was ‘By Accepting Defeat Gracefully, A General Reveals Nobility Of Character’. How interesting that we have these two stories about ‘defeat’. One who is ‘noble’ and accepts his difficult position with grace; the other who is ‘wilful’ and refused and resisted until they were overpowered. This latter symbol is connected with ego so perhaps the conjunction between the Sun and Mercury may make us aware of where ego has got in the way of our soul’s mission.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

11-Jul-22 Juno sextile North Node
Working together is the way to evolve. Soul contracts and karma.

12-Jul-22 No major aspects

13-Jul-22 Full Moon in Capricorn Mercury square Chiron. Venus trine Saturn.
The Full Moon is conjunct Pluto – read more here. Intense emotions surrounding ones role in life. Taking a loss without falling apart. Letting go of that which is no longer useful. Doubts. Becoming aware of limitations. Exploring the nature of commitment. A need for maturity in relationships.

14-Jul-22 Mercury sextile Uranus. Venus square Neptune. Mars sextile Vesta
Talking about the future. Out of the box thinking. Alternative viewpoints. Romantic fantasies. Idealism and idolising bring disappointment. Make art from suffering. Invest energy into your spiritual path.

15-Jul-22 Mercury sextile North Node. Mercury trine Juno
Ask for what you need. Renewing or making a vow. Getting onto the same page as one another.

16-Jul-22 Sun conjunct Mercury
A flash of understanding as to one’s purpose or mission in life. Revelations. Inspirational ideas. A lightbulb moment.

17-Jul-22 Pluto opposite Ceres. Mercury and Sun trine Neptune.
Yielding to change. Faith in a higher power. Divine connection. Listen to your intuition.

Painting – Full Moon behind Cirrus Cloud from the Roundhay Park Castle Battlements by John Atkinson Grimshaw