Weekly Astrology Forecast July 18 – 24, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonJuly 20 may bring things to a head as on this date we have the Last Quarter Moon in Aries, just as the Sun forms an opposition with Pluto. It puts the Quarter Moon at the apex of a T-Square. Maybe we feel an urgent need to take action, to strike out alone, to push ahead regardless. The squares to the Sun and Pluto however bring us up short. Something has to give but the question is what? We’ve got to find a way to be okay with what isn’t in our control. We need to clear out what isn’t working. We must face those things that scare us. We have to challenge toxic relationships, address imbalances of power, explore what we need to feel safe without compromising growth.

Positively, the Sun-Pluto opposition can reinforce our sense of purpose and encourage us to take back our power. However, we also need to have our hands lightly on the reins of life. The more we try to force our will on the world, the more the world will push back. Somehow, we must find a resolution between what we feel (Sun in Cancer) and what we do (Moon in Aries). Somewhere here, is a story about what will it take to dare to be ME?

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This Week’s Major Aspects

18-Jul-22 Venus enters Cancer. Mercury opposite Pluto and conjunct Ceres.
A need to feel safe. Soft-hearted. Regressive thinking. Catastrophising. Smothering behaviour.

19-Jul-22 Mercury enters Leo. Chiron stations retrograde.
A mental lift. A clarion call to explore what needs to be healed for you to reclaim your passion or go after your goals.

20-Jul-22 Sun opposite Pluto. Last Quarter Moon in Aries.
Intense pressure to change. Radically overhauling identity. Daring to be you.

21-Jul-22 Eris stations retrograde.
A chance to get to grips with inner disharmony.

22-Jul-22 Sun enters Leo.
Take the spotlight. The hero’s journey. Taking risks. The joys of life. Needing recognition. Good times with the children. Playing games. Dating.

23-Jul-22 Mercury trine Jupiter
Mind expanding. Big thinking. Quick overview. Eye on the horizon. Thoughts about holidays. Far-fetched ideas. Books about celebrities. Biographies and autobiographies. Script-writing.

24-Jul-22 No major aspects

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