New Moon in Leo July 2022

The New Moon takes place at 18:55 (BST) on July 28, 2022, at 05LEO38. The New Moon will be conjunct Ceres and trine Jupiter. Jupiter is stationary, preparing to go retrograde just a couple of hours after the New Moon.

In the backdrop, we have the Mars, Uranus, North Node conjunction which is about to perfect over the next few days. This is a brilliant awakening, a cosmic jump-start, a sudden act that changes everything. We’re pressed to get fired up about the future, especially when it comes to issues connected to money and resources. It is upon this stage that the New Moon sits. It’s time for a new start, born from creative inspiration – or from our desire to make a better world for our children. There is a wealth of possibilities to reach for but we may need to accept that there is an inner journey to complete before we embark on an outer journey. Still, the strongest message that is reiterated in the New Moon chart, speaks of being real, living from the heart, showing our true colours. It’s time to drop the mask and play the part that we were born for. All of us are unique. All of us have lines in life’s great script.

The Sabian symbol of this lunation is A Conservative, Old Fashioned Lady Is Confronted By A Hippy Girl. It speaks loudly of the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus. Perhaps Saturn is the old, conservative lady and the hippy girl is Uranus because she’s living life differently, challenging the status quo. I find my thoughts wandering to Violet Crawley, played by the wonderful Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey. If you have never watched it, Violet is the elderly matriarch of an old titled family, steeped in the traditions of the upper class, conscious of every move and its implications. In her world, you wear the right clothes, get changed for dinner, use the correct cutlery, say the right things. But then they are visited by Rose, a young up and coming 20’s girl who likes to flout the rules with her bobbed hair, shorter skirts and perchance for getting involved with gentlemen who are deemed unacceptable – how outrageous!

But these two characters can learn something from one another. The Sabian opens a suggestion of dialogue, a confrontation with change, a confrontation with that which is different. Even though these two characters are very different, they are still human beings living on planet Earth. Perhaps it would benefit the old lady to breathe some fresh air into her life, to relax some of those stuffy rules and have a little fun. Perhaps the young hippy girl could benefit from some structure and responsibility, so that she can accomplish everything she desires. There are things we can learn from one another when we prize one another, when we respect one another. This Sabian also reminds us that we are always in a process of change. Change is the constant! What we enjoy now – fashion, technology, books, movies, attitudes – all this will fall away in time. In 50 years, what we think of as modern now, will be dated, considered out of touch even obsolete.  Bye bye Instagram!

With Leo associated with children and young people, and Jupiter in Aries, also a sign associated with youth, we need to be in touch with what the youth of today are saying. We need to pay attention to their stories, fashions, interests, ideas. We need to be in touch with what’s going on and not allow ourselves to be so resistant to change that we won’t or can’t engage and appreciate what is on offer.  This Sabian symbol asks us to keep our finger on the pulse and to stay connected. Always be teachable, open to learning and new experiences. Stay true to your heart without shutting out the light of others.

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Painting – Queen Victoria by Thomas Sully