Weekly Astrology Forecast – August 8 – 14, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonThe end of the week, August 14, sees a Sun-Saturn opposition. The Sun opposite Saturn speaks of how we limit ourselves and how others limit us. Maybe there are conflicts over certain responsibilities, or we run into rules and regulations that cast a shadow over our day. Maybe we’re concerned about political shifts, group allegiances, societal expectations and find ourselves holding back, afraid to put a foot wrong. For some, this aspect may manifest as feeling shut out. The walls come up and there’s no way in. The best advice is to wait. Saturn represents time and sometimes it’s only time that can resolve things. While we wait, we might want to get on with other projects as Steven Forrest says that with Saturn, we can either get depressed or get to work and I agree! Mars trine Pluto will help us in this endeavour, giving us the strength and fortitude to work through blocks and problems. Channel energy into projects that stir your passions. Motivate yourself to enact change. Use your power.  

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This Week’s Major Aspects

08-Aug-22 Chiron sextile Pallas. Sun trine Chiron
Finding ways to fix problems. The practice of self-healing. Self-acceptance.

09-Aug-22 Venus opposite Pluto. Sun sextile Pallas
Passion. Profound attraction. Jealousy. Shadows becoming apparent in relationships. Recognising and owning patterns of behaviour.

10-Aug-22 Sun square the Nodes
Know thyself to proceed. A turning point in one’s karmic evolution. The place where past and future meet.

11-Aug-22 Venus enters Leo. Sun square Uranus. Mars sextile Neptune
Attraction to creativity and fun. Child-like pleasures. Contrary behaviour. Unpredictable happenings. Be open to change. Act on your intuition.

12-Aug-22 Full Moon in Aquarius
Matters connected to friendship, social connections and future plans are illuminated. Hard realisations may follow but this is also an opportunity to clarify needs.

13-Aug-22 No major aspects

14-Aug-22 Sun opposite Saturn. Mars trine Pluto
Feeling left out, shut out, put upon. Running into a roadblock or rule. Inhibition. Resolve to work through it step by step. Use the power you have to create change.

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