Weekly Astrology Forecast – August 22 – 28, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonVenus then moves onto the midpoint between the Nodes, squaring the Nodal axis on August 25. This is a tough turning point in our evolution which is why self-love is so important. The continuing trine to Chiron may also mean that we’re more sensitive to rejection yet at the same time offers us a wise guide to accompany us on this journey. We have everything we need to push ahead, even if we’re afraid.

Neptune forming a square to Pallas on this date though could be a challenge.  Our wise problem-solver Pallas is mystified by Neptune. Is that a trick of the light or is there really a pattern in these movements? Is that really my intuition or is that another deceptive tactic from my unconscious to throw me off the scent! With Pallas in Gemini, the urge is to gather more information in an effort to figure out our next best move. But Neptune counsels a deeper wisdom, one that knows without understanding why.

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22-Aug-22 Venus conjunct Ceres. Sun opposite Vesta Mercury trine Pluto
Treasure your inner creatrix. Stay connected to your heart. Speak your truth.

23-Aug-22 Sun enters Virgo
Self-improvement. Exploring the relationship with your body. Spotlight on skills.

24-Aug-22 Uranus retrograde. Venus trine Chiron
Reclaiming the inner revolutionary. Awakening to what must be freed within. Healing our relationships. Healing our relationship to money.

25-Aug-22 Venus square Nodal axis. Neptune square Pallas
No discernible pattern. Nonsense. Compelled towards the same choices but feeling stuck. Choose with your heart. Let go of complexity, embrace simplicity.

26-Aug-22 Mercury enters Libra
Diplomacy in communication matters. Asking ‘what do you think?’. Working on listening skills.

27-Aug-22 Venus square Uranus. Sun square Mars. New Moon in Virgo
A relationship shake up. Frustrated because of a desire for greater financial freedom. Angry egos. Arrogance or outrage. A need to start small.

28-Aug-22 Ceres square Nodal axis. Hygeia conjunct South. Venus opposite Saturn
Nurture the light within. Working on mother issues. Releasing old coping mechanisms that keep you stuck. Give yourself permission to be loved. Give yourself permission to make money. Give yourself permission to draw the line. Define ‘good enough’.

Painting – Mother about to Wash her Sleepy Child by Mary Cassatt