New Moon in Virgo – August 2022

The New Moon occurs at 9:17a.m. (BST) on August 27, 2022, at 04VIR03.

At the New Moon in Virgo, we’re prompted to make a new start that is associated with improving our situation. Virgo is a sign of service so the question is, what can I do to make things better?  We need to look at details, analyse to see what works most effectively on a practical level. It’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff, spruce things up, upskill, clean and put things back in order.

With this New Moon squaring Mars in Gemini though, there is irritation, even anger. We’re conflicted about the right action to take or someone else is pushing us to make a decision. We’re frustrated by the sheer amount of time everything takes but we have to accept small steps are what are required. Maybe the news isn’t good, we’re fed up with neighbours or arguing with a sibling. Whatever the source of discontent, Virgo regards us with a raised eyebrow and says AND? The work still needs to be done. The dishes still need washing. The world still needs healing. Life gets better when we apply ourselves. Channel frustration into constructive action. The more we criticise every little thing that’s wrong, the harder it’s going to feel. Mars in Gemini reminds us that the mind is a tool. Snip loose ends. Cut out extraneous material. Use clever hacks to motivate you. Push yourself to learn what you need to resolve problems. Use your voice. Speak up.

The Sabian symbol of this lunation is A Man Becoming Aware Of Nature Spirits And Normally Unseen Spiritual Agencies. There are a multitude of guardians, ancestors, plant spirits, crystal keepers, animal guides, fey folk, higher dimensional beings. When we quiet the mind and ask, ‘how may I serve?’, we both connect with and emulate these beings; we bring a little peace to our world, create order from chaos. If you feel overwhelmed, put your hand on your heart and ask, what small thing can I do to help?

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Painting – The Glass Cleaner, at Night by Marianne Stokes